SPN version of the Kerlink IoT gateway

Has anyone tried the SPN version of the Kerlink Wirnet IoT Gateway?


I got an email from Kerlink where they offered me to buy the SPN version for extra ~300EUR. It would obviously be nice to have a “stand-alone” solution for debugging and testing of end-nodes in the future.


We do have the SPN version running. For us it is also for testing stuff that comes with a predefined Networks key and for sending back commands to the nodes. It does have an integrated server component for local storage of all received communication.
I have some issues though with some sensors, apparently the SPN software does not handle Void frames correctly. I am awaiting an answer of Kerlink on this.
Switching the gateway between SPN and TTN use is easy. If you have the correct files on an USB stick, it is just putting the stick in and waiting until the configuration has changed to the requested setup.

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Then we will definitely go for the SPN version since it will give us more debug options.

Thank you for your assistance!

Do you have more technical details about the software integrated on the Kerlink SPN version?
I could find very little on the Internet, and Kerlink’s website is also rather silent on it.
I have mailed them last week, but no reply so far.
Maybe some documentation came with the SPN that you can share?


I still haven’t received the gateway so I don’t know if they are shipping any documentation with it.I agree that the website isn’t of much help and their email communication is rather sluggish :smile:

I will give you an update once I get the gateway.

Most of the information is on the kerlink wiki www.wikikerlink.fr

I think access is only for people owning a Kerlink and can be requested at Kerlink. In the Netherlands you could contact MCS ( www.mcs-nl.com ) , they distribute the Kerlink including the SPN software.

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Thank you @maarts! I will ask Kerlink for access.

Hello, can any one give me some technical parameter of WIRNET 868 or WiRNET SPN?
Thank you.

@steinire Do you receive the gateway? then is there some documentation or technical details regarding this product? and how much does it cost?
Thank you

Hi I have a Kerklink station running v2.2 of their software, there are some thechnical document but sometimes they are a bit obscure since, they don’t detail everything, currently I am trying to use their packet_forwarder, but as I explain here I have achieved it yet…

Hi Fredrik,

Yes, we have received our gateway. There is not much of technical data to get from Kerlink but I received this DataSheet_Wirnet_station-868.pdf (518.9 KB) from a sales person at Kerlink. Once you have paid for the gateway you will get access to their wiki page where you´ll find more details on setup and configuration.

I suggest that you contact Kerlink for a quote but the price for the gateway is around 1500 EUR. In addition to the gateway we bought the LoRa Mote and a debug probe for around 200EUR each.


@steinire we have received the similar gateway , and we upgraded to the SPN version ( no ssh or serial access along with this upgrade) , I am trying to the add the gateway by loading the files on the usb to forward packets to TTN . I have not succeeded… did you manage to get this up and running on TTN ?

@steinire we have received the similar gateway , and we upgraded to the SPN version ( no ssh or serial access along with this upgrade) , I am trying to the add the gateway by loading the files on the usb to forward packets to TTN . I have not succeeded… did you manage to get this up and running on TTN ?

Yes, I was able to configure the gateway for TTN. I followed the instructions found here: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/kerlink/config.html and It worked like a charm.

Good luck :wink:


I used the same intstructions , for uploading the files to the gateway , but the thing is that i cannot access the gateway serial or ssh with the SPN version , to verify that the packets are being forwarded or files have been loaded successfully. which SPN version you are using ? I am using the SPN v4 with web interface only to the gateway.

Thanks ,

Sorry Abood, I should have read your earlier post properly. I had access to the debugger from Kerlink. I don’t have access to this gateway anymore since it is located at office of my previous employer :).

I wish I could be of more help but it would only be guesswork. My advice is to get a debugger and see what is running on the GW.

Best regards,

Hi guys!
I have Kerlink Wirnet Station 868 with SPN license, LoRa MOTE base SX1272 and debug probe ( which in fact is a RS232 / USB converter with untipical plug from a RS232 side and two button, which wikikerlink strongly recommend not to use). The station comes without any firmware and you’ll have to dig through wikikerlink.fr to install current software, which at the time was 4.0.1. The debug probe is used mostly to confirm that the firmware is loading and then is unusable as from version 4 ssh and probe ssh access is forbidden.
I have serious problems with loading a TTN transmitter, it seems it no longer works in version > 4. As I have no ssh root access to the station I can’t confirm whether the transmitter files are placed on filesystem. I tried the legacy UDP tranmitter. Configured span port on my switch and verified that the station is trying to send some data towards eu.thethings.network , but the TTN console says the gateway is offline. Console requires gateway eui for legacy transmitter, I don’t know how to get it. I guessed some value from the station logs, but it is probably incorrect.
I have opened ticket in kerlink helpdesk yesterday and asked them to help mi with the TTN. For now I have no response yet.

The firmware v4 is getting hard time on me. I did’t tried to downgrade to v3, I don’t know whether it is possible at all. Anyone who have some working procedure - pls share the information !
Best Regards

Hi Guys,
I have some response from kerlink support. To integrate the station with TTN downgrade to ver. 3.x is required. There are some compatibility issues, I’m going to study later on.

Below is the answer from Kerlink. Access to documentation and wiki is required, but they generate it for their customers.

"If you want to use the TTN packet forwarder on your gateway, you need to remove the SPN software from this gateway.
Here the procedure: http://wikikerlink.fr/lora-station/doku.php?id=wiki:faq#how_to_remove_the_wanesy_spn_software

The installation procedure of your Wirnet Station is described in the wiki pages http://wikikerlink.fr/lora-station/."

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Hi irekk,
please, could you share the " wiki:faq [Wirnet™ Station]". I don’t have access to WIKI, I have access only to SPN section…