Stack v3 sends unrequested downlink data for new ABP device

I migrated my existing devices (OTA and ABP) from v2 to v3 and these work fine.

Today I created a new ABP device (OTA works fine for new devices) but for some reason the stack always sends a lot (about 50 bytes) of downlink data:

11:39:23.223 → Data Received: 0503D2AD84060703184F84500704E85684500705B85E84500706886684500707586E84500351FF00030805

This is not visible in the application console, only the uplink data is shown, but the downlink counter is increasing.

Also my gateway shows the unwanted downlink:


I made the node configurable for both OTA and ABP.

So it is running the same (LMIC) code in both modes and only ABP shows this behaviour.

Have you setup the frequencies that your node may use in the console - if you don’t, then TTS will try and send them to the device which won’t understand. If you do, it assumes the device knows.

Ahh, thanks, I did not.

I will fix that.

Looks something like this:

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 11.18.15

If you are able to reprogram your device, it would benefit from having Rx1 set to 5s - which you have to change here:

If you can’t, then set the RX1 Delay to 1s and keep your fingers crossed.

I’m working on scripts to help with migration with ABP devices but need input from @Jeff-UK to move forward.

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Thanks, it works OK now!

Only picked up message this evening will call you in morning :wink: