Starting out with an Arduino Uno and Dragino LoRa shield

Hi, new LoRa user here.

I’ve got the following hardware that was provided to me. I have checked on TTNMapper and there’s multiple gateways within range, so I should be covered.

  • Arduino Uno
  • Dragino LoRa-shield (version 1.4).

I’ve created an application in the EU1 Cluster. I am however getting stuck on adding my end device to that application. For now, my goal is just to try and add it to the application and send some dummy data.

I have tried to find some documentation online, but I think I’m searching for the wrong stuff since I’ve been unable to find anything that explains the process to add an Arduino Uno with Dragino LoRa-shield to an application within TTN.

Especially the stuff like DevEUI, AppEUI etc are confusing me. Where do I find these? Is it OK to use a random string as some people online suggested? Do I need to use the device repository or manual?

If anyone could put me in the right direction with some links or an explanation, that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Almost everyone starts out thinking in terms of their hardware, but this is actually a mistake, because LoRaWAN is a software-level protocol. In actuality, registration on TTN has to be thought of in terms of the software that your node is running - what the hardware does is govern what your software options will be.

With modern TTN, really your only viable software choice on that hardware is a recent checkout of MCCI LMiC (or something wrapping it), carefully set to a minimal configuration to fit within the Uno’s memory constraints (the Uno/ATmega328 is no longer a recommended platform for LoRaWAN at all, but it can still barely fit). Older software Dragino, etc may be offering is no longer viable as it does not correctly implement the protocol.

The MCCI LMiC documentation and related threads here an elsewhere will provide what you need to know about registering a node.

I saw this library and have attempted to use it. I do unfortunately keep receiving “noJoinAccept” messages when I look at the serial monitor. I’ve read online that this most likely has to do with using the wrong values for the frequency plan, regional paramaters and/or lorawan version.

I also read that this should be provided in a datasheet, I’ve found the datasheet for the LoRa shield v1.4 but it does unfortunately not contain that information.

Do you know the correct regional parameters (for EU), or know where I can find them?

EDIT: I did replace all the necessary information (AppKey etc) in the sketch with the values of the end device that I created in TTN.

Thanks in advance.

The hardware has no clue where in the world it is going to be used or what software is going to be used, so this isn’t good info.

You’d be best off starting out with the best documented stack in the world - LMIC-node - the instructions are very detailed: