Status of our TTG gateway is disconnected - name": "synthetic.error.network_error",

We have 6 TTG gateways all with the same config, all accessible via OpenVPN, we can see the Gateway on the console (TTS) and on the OpenVPN console. It lives and breathes but not a packet of IoT data is coming through to the data console. Status of Gateway is disconnected.
We can ping external openwrt from the Openvpn console we have run through the config of the draytek. It just doesn’t show anything in the tts console other than what i have attached.
There is only one significant difference to the other gateways - the others are all connected to fibre via the same draytek router, this is connected via a 16km bridge back to the fibre. The network itself is providing over a 100mbps for ethernet devices with no availability issues and we have looked at the bridges to see if there are any Vlan config/QoS settings that might impact on this.
Has anyone experience this before?

Are the appropriate supporting ports open on the Draytek firewall? …and routed correctly through OpenVPN?..

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Yes they were, but then we found what was causing the issue.
The first thing that you check and then check again?
Well the synthetic network error was caused by a double entry of the ID.
Once that i had re-entered the EUID and Gateway ID correctly, perhaps unsurprisingly it worked.

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