Storage integration 2 days duration + weird bugs in API


We’ll I’m trying to develop over TTN Storage integration and I have faced the following problem:

  1. If I don’t query over the current day when using after and before, I receive a 1 as a response.

(Being today the 4th of October)

This response returns just a “1” (No data)

This response returns data from the 2nd of October at 21:04 till today.

This brings me to the second question

  1. As you can see I only have data from the 2nd of October, so, how long does Storage integrations holds the data?

Many thanks!!

In The Things Stack Community Edition, the storage integration has a retention of roughly 24 hours (it may be a bit longer if the cleanup process hasn’t run yet).

This means that if you query data from before the retention window, you’ll indeed get an empty response.

Thanks!! everything makes sense now! maybe it could be added in the docs.