Switching Gateway and Device Frequency

Hi rather new to lorawan, TTN and this forum here!

Have managed to set up devices and gateway connected to AS1. As I am heading to an AS2 region soon, I would like to set up the configuration for use in AS2. Changed the frequency plan setting for both device and gateway from the existing AS1 to AS2 and also updated the frequency plan in the device and gateway under the TTN account.

However, it seem that although my gateway is able to receive up-link messages, it is not appearing under my application device messages. Furthermore, join down-link is not sending too.

As both AS1 and AS2 are AS923, I used the same hardware. Only made configuration changes for frequency selection. I directly made setting changes to added working AS1 devices and gateway to turn it AS2.

Does anyone know what is the issue or what direction I should look further into? End device, gateway or TTN settings?

Do let me know what other info to supply too. It is my first time posting on the forum here :slight_smile:

Check if the frequencies used in the uplink packets (as displayed in the gateway console) match the frequencies used by the device as set in TTN console. If not a 100% match the uplink will not be delivered to the application.

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From the gateway uplink message, the data frequency json are either 924400000 or 924600000

According to the frequency plan for AS2, the frequency matches with data frequency received (point 7 and 8).

Have deleted and re-added both the device and the gateway. However, the same behavior of no downlink join accept and no registration of live data on the Application Device side. For reference, here is my settings:

On the TTN gateway side, the frequency setting

And similarly on the TTN Application device side

Really puzzled about the behavior and not sure what I should try out next. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

How far are your node and the gateway apparat. If within a few meters please search on the forum for the solution.

My Node and gateway are next to each other (approximately 0.7m apart).

Made this first post as I am unable to find similar issue on the forum :sweat_smile:

Do link me up with any thread that discuss similar issue or keywords to search on. Being rather confused with the situation, I may be searching up on the wrong keyword too.

An update on my attempts: I have modified both my gateway and devices to join and send one successful message on US915. Did similar steps for AS1 and AS2 back. AS1 still works too but AS2 still behaving in the same unsuccessful manner.

Any suggestions on how I can try to narrow down the problem - end device, gateway, or TTN settings?

A post on not sending on AS923, did you read it?

And you will see this come up nearly in every thread where people have issues on connecting.

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You could try more than one keyword to search on - it’s a pretty clever search system.

Or use words that describe too items that are very near to each other.

Although how it works with US915 & AS1 but not AS2 is a bit odd. Maybe the unknown gateway and unknown device(s) have firmware issues. Perhaps look at your post and think about what missing details you could think of if you were going to answer it.

Thanks Johan for link. Wasnt aware of this issue on AS923. Will be cautious on the distance between antenna and gateway!

Good suggestion Nick, you are right on what to look into about this issue. Seems that it is a firmware issue on the device. Have made adjustments and are receiving packets within the AS2 frequency range now :raised_hands:

No, It is on LoRaWAN (Low Power Radio Access Wide Area Network) it is not WiFi, the node and gateway are not designed to be right next to each other, irrespective of frequency band… Long Range, Low power.

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