T-BEAM T22 power button no switch not boot ! cannot upload!

Hi, Ive received two new T-BEAM with no power switch but button, Ive connected to the serial port at 115k, 96k,… it detects port but I cannot upload neither from arduino IDE nor platformio ide, any suggestion ??

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I had one and spent hours to find the left hand button marked PWR has to be held in for at least 6 seconds to turn on and to turn off st least 3 seconds on my one.The middle one is io pin button. The righthand one is reset on mcu. Note that you need a battery fitted and has at least some charge. It takes four hours to charge battery.Its a great unit but be aware that the items such as Lora module,GPS module battery backup are controlled by axp192 and so your sketch needs to take this in to account.Nead more info message. Simon

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Thanks a lot @Vaelid that´s a great information, but that is painful, I put a battery (new one) let it charging (no led at all!!) then I try to connect to the serial port and tried to flash with the latest paxcounter that @Verkehrsrot rebuild to support AXP192, I connect at 115200 (serial port seems to be working) but when I try to flash, there´s a timeout :frowning: the curious thing is that when I push the RST button it writes a character… nothing else. I think it is a defective unit, you agree ?

Hi does sound good ! There are no leds to show working. Only a blue charge led when battery charging. A sketch I know that works is the ttgo ttn mapper by Kizniche on Github. Make sure you select the v1.0 version.I hope it loads for you do note to use the correct libraries. If loads ok then unit working but been to wait several minutes for gps to look in good signal conditions out door best. Hope this helps Simon

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Weird things… does not light when connected to USB powered hub… I move to the windows machine and it sees the comport but when trying to erase or flash with the esp32 tool … nothing happens, timed out . Move from platform.io to arduino ide but timed out waiting for packet header, took de esc32 T-Beam definition like that tbeamerror seems correct, isnt it ?

Did you get it working ? nice to know

I just received two units that work as expected, the other two definitely are dead… thanks !!

and how to get ttgo to receive code through arduino ide? mine came with softrf installed, when it touches some code for the board, it is waiting for the type of heltec board that has to open the prog button

In the Arduino IDE you need to go to the Tools Board section, verify you have the ESP32 from Espressif installed for the boards to appear