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Hi, we have already sorted this out, but let me just add the solution here so anyone with this problem can get the answer as well.

When your device sends data from TTN to TagoIO, if you have a decoder at TTN, those variables come with an f_ prefix, so if you have temperature in your TTN decoder, you will have f_temperature at TagoIO, but if you don’t have a decoder at TTN, you only receive the payload.
The payload from TTN comes to Tago as base64, so we store that and we decode it and store that as well.

Basically we have two variables:
payload_raw: that is the payload exactly the way TTN sends it, with no calculations whatsoever.
payload: that is the base64 payload from TTN but already decoded.

By the way, if you don’t have a decoder at TTN, you can parse the payload at TagoIO.
Just follow this tutorial for an example on how to parse a generic payload format


We are introducing FILES, an easy to use repository for any type of file that can be managed manually by developers, users, or remote devices.
For example, an electronic device can now take a picture and send it to your account to be stored, processed and visualized in any of our widgets.


Learn how to use Files here.


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Two new tutorials:

How to filter and rename variables from TTN

How to display locations from TTN on a map