TBMH100 indoor gateway problem

TBMH100 indoor gateway

Problem…Connection to The Things Network. What’s goes wrong with my setup?

Recently a bought my first TBMH100 indoor gateway, the activate seems to success and I can see the IP on my Wi-Fi network, but GW will not connect to the Lora network server LNS (LED= steady green). The green LED still blink rapidly GREEN for 2 minutes then its alternate blink GREEN/RED for 10-15 sec and so on forever…

I have reset the GW and reconfigure the unit several times, and test whit two different Wi-Fi-network`s …but there are still no connections???


Dis you follow the whole set-up instruktion, including the part with the TTN Backend Connection

as given in the following instruction : https://docs-emea.rs-online.com/webdocs/16c5/0900766b816c5f04.pdf

I have setup several and it works every time (except when you have internet over a proxy and you need to use login+password)

Mery Christmas


Thanks for the answer!

I get in touch with the LNS server now after some tricks but it’s only up for a minute, think the problem is due to my WiFi- (a mesh behind the router?) I’ll continue troubleshooting tomorrow.

Thanks for the help and nice weekend!