TBMH100 indoor gateway problem

TBMH100 indoor gateway

Problem…Connection to The Things Network. What’s goes wrong with my setup?

Recently a bought my first TBMH100 indoor gateway, the activate seems to success and I can see the IP on my Wi-Fi network, but GW will not connect to the Lora network server LNS (LED= steady green). The green LED still blink rapidly GREEN for 2 minutes then its alternate blink GREEN/RED for 10-15 sec and so on forever…

I have reset the GW and reconfigure the unit several times, and test whit two different Wi-Fi-network`s …but there are still no connections???


Dis you follow the whole set-up instruktion, including the part with the TTN Backend Connection

as given in the following instruction : https://docs-emea.rs-online.com/webdocs/16c5/0900766b816c5f04.pdf

I have setup several and it works every time (except when you have internet over a proxy and you need to use login+password)

Mery Christmas


Thanks for the answer!

I get in touch with the LNS server now after some tricks but it’s only up for a minute, think the problem is due to my WiFi- (a mesh behind the router?) I’ll continue troubleshooting tomorrow.

Thanks for the help and nice weekend!


Hi, i have a similar issue, my gateway connect fine and see them online , but after 1h , i see my console status “offline”.
I have verify : the gateway reply to ping on my LAN (so not WIfi issue), alos i see an established TCP 443 session to EU TTC network server… so for me it’s ok.
if i reboot all come back fine…but after 1h same…

Where is the issue ?

Thanks a lot for fixing this for me : my gateway id: eui-58a0cbfffe801e58

Are you seeing node traffic comming through ok (check message metadata to see if your GW is listed as one of the ones passing messages through)…if so your GW is functining ok and you may be a victim of:

If no traffic then you may need TTN staff to enabe your specific EUI as above in the basic station bridge handler.

The 7 messages indicate the registration is fine, no need for further registration.

Is the green LED blinking after 1 hour?

no led is green fixed.
as explain i cna ping from my LAN and see a TCP established to TTN Server:

tcp 6 7439 ESTABLISHED src=192.168.xxx.xxx dst= sport=58128 dport=443 src=x.x.x.x dst= sport=443 dport=58128 [ASSURED] mark=0 use=1


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply, i’m in a zone where i’m alone with not other gateway coverage (west of Luxembourg) , so i receive a few traffic…
Since my gateway is up , he receive only 7 message, and me my device are not ready (in dev), so i only for the moment provide TTN coverage for community.

So who can add my EUI to Basic Bridge Handler list ??
King Regards

ps: yes i see my gateway listed on luxembourg map

There is no need for this, if the counters would be zero that could be required.

The connection to the console is probably lost because there is almost no traffic. As soon as there is LoRaWAN traffic your connection will be reestablished.

ok thanks for clarification.

i guess i have a similar problem.
I followed the instructions:

step 6 does not finish… the green light does not stay on without the red.

my wan router (fritz.box) says wifi connected. i can ping the device. arp cache states the correct mac address.
but i cannot access the webpage of the tbmh100. the browser shows: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

a port scan tells me that no port is open.

so the step 7 (claim gateway) would be operated through the website of the tbmh100 (i assume).

Is there a chance of getting the device to work? debug?

i found my issue. step 6 does not finish as described.
at step 7 i needed to claim gateway at http://eu1.cloud.thethings.network follow the instructions there and the gateway connects.

after that my end device (a lorawan device) was able to connect to ttn.
maybe this will help someone later