Testers for provisioning Kerlink Wirnet Station on V3 wanted

From Slack, last week:

@roman 2019-12-20 1:29 AM

Hello everyone, we are currently working on a provisioning script for Kerlink Wirnet Station gateway. It would be extremely helpful if anyone could test it:

You need a:

  1. Running v3 stack (latest master - currently 3e2a02b31bab5bd253ad8c7766bf6b0540cab98b , if using Docker - thethingsnetwork/lorawan-stack-dev:3e2a02b31bab5bd253ad8c7766bf6b0540cab98b )
  2. Kerlink Wirnet Station gateway registered at (1.)
  3. Gateway info right API key at (1.)

Once you have that:

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheThingsNetwork/kerlink-station-firmware/87ceb43c292408f68040a139199d27e783783be3/provision.sh | bash -s -- '' '[thethings.example.com](http://thethings.example.com/)' 'example-gtw' 'NNSXS.GTSZYGHE4NBR4XJZHJWEEMLXWYIFHEYZ4WR7UAI.YAT3OFLWLUVGQ45YYXSNS7HTVTFALWYSXK6YLJ6BDUNBPJMRH3UQ'


  • is the gateway IP
  • thethings.example.com is the running stack address
  • example-gtw is the registered gateway ID

The script will:

  1. update firmware to 3.6 if it is lower than that
  2. install CPF if it’s not installed
  3. configure lorad and lorafwd by replacing the lorad.json and lorafwd.toml by a symlink to pushed config. The old configs will, as per default ln implemetation on the gateway moved to lorad.json.old and lorafwd.toml.old respectively.

Please see relevant PRs:

Any feedback is really welcome!

NOTE: I suggest not piping the script directly into bash like this (ever, really), but rather downloading the script, reading it and then executing if you’re happy with what it does!

Also from Slack, today:

@htdvisser 2019-12-23 9:19 AM

We’re still working on documentation for connecting gateways to The Things Stack. See https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack/issues/1140 for more details

Thank you, Arjan!

Just wanted to mention that the documentation is now merged to master of lorawan-stack (since 3e2a02b31bab5bd253ad8c7766bf6b0540cab98b) and is available at https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack/blob/master/doc/content/guides/connecting-gateways/kerlinkwirnet/_index.md, so please use latest master of both repositories. I have fixed the references in your post.

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