The BARGAIN basement part 2

Look promising

yes I think to, I’ve contacted the seller for some info and got a fast reply
User Name : diymall
Password : diymall

in there you’ll find some lora examples
so I started looking around what software will connect to TTN and fit that board.


Lora Shield for ESPea $1.00 excl. shipping

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US $3.79 + $0.39

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seems to be an adafruit feather clone
looking forward to your test results

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Just arrived…


that’s fast …

BSFrance have them on ebay too, there own (same) version - 15 euro shipped

now I’m really curious if it works the same as…

yes it is, only basic testing so far but seems ok - this was my quick source >>>>>


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recommended :sunglasses:


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This the first commercially available antenna that I have seen which matches the 3dBi limit set in the LoRaWan Specification, most of the ones shown before now exceed that level.

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@borroz, great idea starting this thread - another way to share cool gadgets at great prices - well done!!


ridicolously cheap PCB boards @ 2 dollars for 10 boards (10 by 10cm max) pretty perfect for lora


this, in the announced 868MHz version would be very interresting


US $9.45 incl. shipping

TEC-06 is constant current electronic load.It uses high-precision DAC loop control technology to control output current for power supply or battery.
So that the current does not change with the voltage changes.It is a load itself, no longer need another external load discharge.
This is a linear electronic load, not a PWM mode
TEC-06 will automatically calculate the product of discharge current and time , to detect the battery capacity.
TEC-06 can also be used as an electronic load to verify the battery or power output capacity.

1>. Max Current: 3.5A; error: <=0.5%
2>. Max Power: 16W
3>. Operating Temperature: -20~70 Celsius

1>. Can connect computer and draw discharge curve
2>. Encoder switch (shuttle) operation, easy and convenient
3>. Precise current, the full range error is within 0.5%
4>. Integrated fan, discharge power can be up to 16W; and the fan will be auto on/off according to the power
5>. Support 4-wire measurement, and it can measurement battery internal
6>. Max connection voltage 15V, and power-off voltage can be adjusted randomly in the range of 1.0-12V; step length 0.05V
7>. When the battery current is not enough, the detector will automatically adjust set current until the actual current meets the set value;
when the actual current is lower than 40% set value, the detector will end up discharging.
8>. MINI USB interface (5V voltage) power supply, and the actual current consumption is within 240mA
9>. Max detection capacity is 500000mAH (500AH)
10>. Adopt 4-wire battery clip, and it can measure internal resistance