The BARGAIN basement part 2

Tiny low cost regulators
DC-DC buck (step down) regulators which are preferable to linear regulators for in most cases. Rated at 3A but so small and costing so little! Size is only 20mm x 11mm and just as thick as the inductor, about 5mm in total. This is not much bigger than a TO-220 package. 6 pieces coming still attached through the pcb notches for €3.50 (free postage to Ireland) and they can be hard-wired to a fixed output voltage with a solder pad jumper.

I got THESE in the post today and the assembly appears to be very high quality, not skewed components, good solder masks/screen etc.



18650 Battery shield V3 (RaspberryPi&Arduino)-in Replacement Parts from Consumer Electronics on

Anyone used these?

no way without dropping the output voltage (alot) :wink:

I trust you completely but that said these are for small 3.3v or 5v devices which I guess would glow orange/yellow colour if they drove a 3A load :rofl:

at that current they are magic smoke devices … but @ a few hundred mA they work fine :sunglasses:

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Is it any good?

Second impression?
Would you recomend this one?

I like the 3 dbi , nice compact good quality and allowed
the difference in signal compared with the 10 dbi is not worth it imho
also depends on the distance between your GW and antenna (cable loss)

test setup indoor

I don’t know :sunglasses:

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US $8.52 incl. shipping

What connectors do I need to order for an extension cable from this antenna to the RAK-831 (I think the RAK831 is RP-SMA - male … not sure).

=== EDIT ===
Never mind. Found out by reading other threat. RAK831 has a RP-SMA male connector.

for indoor testing I use this cable - RP-SMA plug (female pin) to N type plug Coax Cable RG58 2M

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screw holes for Raspberry PI, Arduino, Beagle Bone, stackable and so much
Awesome documentation , for outdoor GW, a must :wink:


US $1.46 incl. shipping - node enclosure ?

JST cable/connector sets

China National Day , holidays from Oct. 1st ~ 8th ! :sunglasses:

US $2.11 incl. shipping

US $4.09 incl. shipping


I use the larger version of this case for one of my homebrew gateways, the smaller is great for nodes



got it today and after soldering the usual connection DIO1 --> pinX it worked with the LMIC library and the prviously used code for the adafruit feather M0.
the board is 2.54mm wider than the original feather, but it could be a cheap substitute.
attention: the documentation notes the pin wron. look in LoRa.h
and you don’t need to install suggested libryry, because that’s forseen for node to node connection

// Adapted for DIYmall feather clone      DIYLoRa32u4 Doc: ss = 19 , Reset = 9 , DIO0 = 26 (from LoRa.h)
//                                    from Exemple Sender: ss =  8 , Rst   = 4 , DIO0 =  7
const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
    .nss  = 8,                       // chip select on clone (rf95module) see LoRa.h
    .rxtx = LMIC_UNUSED_PIN,         // 
    .rst  = 4,                       // reset pin                               (M0=4)
    .dio  = {7,                      // DIO0 is hardwired to 7
             5,                      // DIO1 is jumpered  to 5
             LMIC_UNUSED_PIN},       // DIO1 is jumpered  to unused
have fun  :slight_smile: