The BARGAIN basement part 3

That is a stealth missile launchpad for intel agencies. The missiles have an antenna double-function.
These missiles can be launched remotely. :wink:


Looks like RAK now have descent antennas


Need to buy one :wink:

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allready did … for € 25,25 incl. shipping to NL :wink:

If it is actually good then this is a steal

Price looks interesting but how to mount it?

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normally you’ll find this also in your package :sunglasses:

Ok needed 2 RAK831 also, so bought 2 GW and 4 antennas :wink:

@Charles … you helped RAK with the workshop on the TTN conference… I think you deserve at least one free RAK antenna :sunglasses:

just like @bluejedi and @kersing ! :wink:

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Seems to be approx same size than the Lorix one’s, Lorix are +4dbi not sure on how they get +8dbi with same size, I could try putting the Rak antenna on Lorix GW and do some tests


yes, antenna with RAK831 gateway kit :wink:

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it’s the same size as my 3 db… I was wondering to… but if you see the chart… its very well tuned @868 !

Sure, BTW is there a simple way to see where is the antenna center frequency? Got plenty and don’t know to test them to see if they are good or not.

this mean, how to do that without expensive hardware?

Got this but don’t how if I can use it and even how to.

I do it like this :sunglasses: … the budget way

stock clearance

And this new Zero one can be ordered in multiple volume, not only one piece :wink:

Ah, ok. :blush:
So that should go onto the shiny metal part then.

The connector costs €4.20, that’s a price increase of 38%!

At €14.84 the Pi Zero becomes less interesting for many applications (but won’t make much difference for a gateway).

The ones without connector can still only be bought per one piece, weird policy.


a while back I bought some ridgid cable assemblies from this eBay seller - good quality

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RF Surge Arrester SMA

SMA so for short cable lengths, therefore probably not very useful in practice?

the holidays are almost over… back to business :sunglasses:

US $1.22 incl. shipping (push button and see indication on led’s)