The BARGAIN basement part 3


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That’s fully loaded, an ideal wardriving tool - buttons for manual packet sending too

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Rechargeable LiFePO4 AA batteries, 3.2V

2V batteries


TP5000 4.2V and 3.6V 1A Lithium Battery Charging Board Charger Module

Suitable for LiFePO4 cells, also suitable for Li-Ion / LiPo / LiFePO4 6V solar charging (because it allows higher input voltages).

6V Lithium Battery Charging Module

Review: review/Review TP5000 charger module


6MP Microscope

It would be good if there were a board such as this that would also cut-off the battery when under discharge it falls to 3.3V or 3.0V, the internal cutouts on a lot of Lithium batteries let the battery go down to 2.4V.

Also be aware that according to the review this board will charge a Lithium battery that is completly flat (0V), not sure that is safe.

I agree, but I have not yet come across a module like that (and for low price).

Something like this popular charging module but then suitable for LiFePO4 would be nice.

No bargain but serious LiFePo4 charging for outdoor nodes: 993Z-LiFePO4wered-Solar1-connections

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Nice product, but for $17 + $14 shipping = $31 is not a bargain indeed.

For those looking to use LMR400 or it’s variants.



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Raspberry Pi 3 @ Reichelt

Raspberry Pi 3 30,53 € @ Aliexpress - of course shipping time is not the same

That will cost additional VAT and Customs handling fee.

In NL we have to pay 21% VAT + €13 handling fee for foreign imports from $22 and onward (product price including shipping).