The BARGAIN basement part 3


Since they added a uFL connector for the Lora Radio antenna , the easiest was probably add another one for Wifi and stop inventing ? :slight_smile:


US $10.13 incl. shipping

workbench antenna stand :wink:


US $2.85 incl. shipping

= short cable for the excellent 868 GP antenna









US $11.16 incl. shipping


US $1.76 incl. shipping




uhhhhhhh … found it here :roll_eyes:


(Jose Marcelino) #96

Black Friday sales day at the Pycom shop :slight_smile:

Coupon 20BLACKPY17: 20% off WiPy, LoPy1.0, SiPy, all Accessories and all Shields

Coupon 15BLACKPY17: 15% off LoPy4, GPy and FiPy

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One day only!


how’s the firmware for the FIPY … the CAT M1 and NBIoT part ?

(Jose Marcelino) #98

We’re working with carriers to have Cat M1 at launch within about 2 weeks - this stuff is much more regulated than LoRa - for NB-IoT we’re still waiting for a stable stack release from the modem manufacturer, realistically it’ll be January for that one

(Jezd) #99

hard to order as getting lots of ‘Error establishing a database connection’ from your websie

(Jose Marcelino) #100

Sorry all, I’ve already pinged the team about database errors. Should be fixed in a few hours.