The BARGAIN basement part 3


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€ 54,45


see any intersting BLACK FRIDAY deals… post them here :sunglasses:


you get me in :wink: excited to see these new cases


BIG size HUGE capacity Li-SOCl2 NON-rechargable




Well, I think @BoRRoZ is excited to test these, and if they are really what they said it’s. 19000mAh amazing, but I suspect you can divide by 2 :wink:


yes Charles, but I don’t have a charger that fit these monsters :sunglasses:

* off course ordered them… just to test :slight_smile:


Li-SOCl2 are NON-rechargable !


yes your right ! :sunglasses:
they have a big total capacity… but continues current is not that high !
Max. Continuous current 200mA Max
Pulse current (< 5 sec) Up to 400mA


that should be enough for a low-current environmental sensor
e.g. hum/temp , VOC , vis/uv light
ordered some in C- and AA-size (@Charles) for tests …


another nice collection of waterproof cases



received mine this week :wink:


cool ! let us know what you think of this product :sunglasses:


US $2.18 + $0.50 shipping


LiSOCl2 / Lithium to 5V DC converters… for a little bit more mobile project power

2-5V to 5V 2.0A with TPS6130

2.5V-4.5V to 5V 4A with LTC 1700


New WeMos Lolin32 Pro with ESP32 packaged as esp32-wrover and 4Mb PSRAM :wink:


I am using these for Power over Ethernet, great build quality and plenty of power for a gateway - 12W