The BARGAIN basement part 3


As this is the bargain basement you might also look over here :sunglasses:
(although eleshop is one of my favorites)


US $29.99

(Jezd) #150

Does it work well? looking for a good extender


no idea :sunglasses:



cheap metal detector node / car detector ? - US $1.37 incl. shipping

(Steve Elkind) #154

Has anyone tried one of LoRaGo Port concentrators from Sandbox ELectronics? The price is certainly right (Gateway = $149 + $35 Raspberry Pi).


LoRaWAN from China :


US $48.11 + U$10 shipping



(Don Hege) #161

Looks like the 868 MHz version is currently sold out. :open_mouth:


Material: aluminium
Color: Silver
Size: 120(L) x 93(W) x 35(H) mm
US $6.81 incl. shipping


€ 28,17 - 868 mhz 3 pieces available!

* bought one for test :wink:

Rak811 Tracker Board

US $1.60 incl. shipping

(Jezd) #165

Mine has arrived, the non-gps version, let me know if you find a way of coding/uploading via the Arduino app


this one ?

(Thomas Graf) #167

I have one running as a gateway. Simple setup. The rssi values seem higher than with other gateways. The range might be a little less. Comparable with the RAK831 in my feeling.

(Jezd) #168

not sure what you mean, these tracker boards are STM32L151 MCU devices with the 811n (SX1276) via spi, we’ve got a uart connection via USB - but I cant see an out of the box solution supporting arduino app

some sample code comes installed to demo the movement sensor and tries an otaa connection but fails prob due to settings (serial connection output shows the debug info, fyi 115200 baud), its a very cute board with potential - I just need to work out how to access it, it maybe down to STM dev tools only?

unless I’m missing something here :slight_smile:

Did button restart and and can now see why otaa failing…non eu frequencies, which is fine

RAK811 BreakBoard soft version: 1.0.2
Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: AS923


No its me that was missing something, thinking @ the differences between the 811 and 811n :rofl:
I don’t think there is a short term solution for programming these trackerboards with arduino IDE