The BARGAIN basement part 3


I know this topic is for bargains, but it was a bargain that got me to waste money on this one:

"High Precision Ultra-low Power BMP280 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Board Module Swap I2C/SPI BMP280 BME280 3.3V Blue"

If you search for “BME280” on Aliexpress, this listing will show up also. And it looks considerable cheaper (€ 1,28 / piece) than other BME280 listings. That is because it isn’t a BME280, but a BMP280. This means no humidity measurements. The description doesn’t claim those measurements can be done, it is just the BME280 in the title that got me to waste money on them.

Even as BMP280, they are not very reliable. I ordered 5 of them. The pressure measurement reported by some of them is way too low, the temperature reading fluctuates a lot and the altitude meter is incorrect by about 100 meters.


I know what you mean… its misleading and you have to read carefully but you ordered a BMP280 and not a BME280

the same happends with other products like the SHxx series … many times they also use the same pcb’s with different sensors mounted so its hard to see.
but to be honest … both types are not very reliable in the field outdoors :wink:
and I am testing this one


I know, I consider it learning money, too bad I ordered 5 instead of just 1.
I thought the BME280 was considered good enough? N



Just as a p.s. this is what is on the other side. Both BMP280 and BME280 are printed on the board:


US $11.32 incl. shipping


US $6.29 incl. shipping

US $4.74 incl. shipping different cable lengths possible


would love the same with Micro USB Female, to get access to Serial on devices into enclosure (adding with internal USB/Serial of course)


I bought one of these USB male to micro USB female connectors:

to connect an Insta360 Air (with micro usb male connection) to full size USB.


I received my order yesterday and was up and running within 30 minutes.


US $2.57 incl. shipping




environmental bottom noise scanning and ping-pong testing of point to point communication ? :sunglasses:

(bluesensing) #183


probably a power pack for field based gateway?

(bluesensing) #185

Parking sensor from Ukraine:


US $17.77 incl. shipping this is the Blue Tooth version!


Prototyping PCB for ESP32 and ESP8266 in 2 sizes

Both PCBs support both ESP32 and ESP8266. Double-sided, one side with pads for ESP32-WROOM-32 module, other side with pads for ESP8266 ESP-12E/F module.

5 x 7 cm PCB for ESP32 and ESP8266 € 0.78

Prototyping PCB 7x9cm for ESP32 and ESP8266
7 x 9 cm PCB for ESP32 and ESP8266 € 0.89


It’s little brother arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Works great.