The BIG and SMALL ANTENNA topic part 1


Just wondering because this topic’s title casing and the images in the first post seem to contradict:
Is this the “BIG ANTENNA” topic or is this the BIG “ANTENNA topic” ? :blush:


the idea is everything about LoRa antennas … BIG and small :sunglasses:

(Richjdavies) #174

Getting 7.5km using the manufacturer provided long-duck antenna with a Laird RG168 gateway.

Anybody know what can we expect if we install something more like this?


My Procom CXL900-868 arrived.

It’s bigger than expected :open_mouth: .

(Mikael Falkvidd) #176

Said the actress to the bishop :wink:

(Remko) #177

VERY GOOD! THAT is a good quality antenna. :clap::clap:


MAX. POWER 100 W so no problem :wink:

(Deux Vis) #179

Interesting article on building and using cantennas (directional).

(Nograin) #180

anyone tried or heard about this one?

it’s in the 30€ range around here, guess i gotta give it a try for my TTN gateway…

The BARGAIN basement part 3
The BARGAIN basement part 3

looks fine to me :sunglasses:

(Remko) #182

We just inspected the “Antenna collinear 868 Mhz 869 mhz LORAWAN LORA great gain SDR USB smart grid” from


Bottom coil:

Top coil

Measurements will follow.

I have seen a discussion before about the collineair DiY antenna :flushed: from @lex_ph2lb

(Jezd) #183

Look forward to your results as I was just about to order one, will hold off for now


I am having good results at the moment with the DIY 1/4 wave GPA.
Would it be possible to compare your measurements to this one?

(Remko) #185

We are considering antenna gain measurements at the moment.
The idea was proposed earlier on this forum.

(Jezd) #186

Is it not possible to come up with a top ten list of antennas for under 100 euros , we seem to never pin this down to which is the best for lorawan and in what order


How about using one popular antenna as the baseline?

(Tim Everitt) #188

Hi @paulb, the IEEE norm is to use a 1/2 wave centre-fed straight dipole as a baseline antenna for RF testing in UHF. This is also the most common external antenna. Antenna gain is normalised at 2.15dBi in the perpendicular axis. For EU 868mHz each side of the dipole is 1/4 wave or about 8.5cm so typical length is about 18cm.
The transmission line is also very important and any serious comparison needs to standardise the type and length of coax used, e.g. RG58, 2m long.

(Remko) #189

Here are the measurements of the antenna I have presented the interior of:




Thank you Tim, nice summary, I did not now that :point_up: :+1:

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And - what’s the RF-experts insight on this nice diagrams? :crazy_face: