The hard RAK831 cafe part 2

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Hmm, looking at the link it seems Onion does not (yet? hopefully) sell single Omega2S via their online store. I hadn’t noticed so far because I needed a lot of them and bought in a bulk. The circuit would work with a regular Omega2, but the PCB obviously would need to be changed (the KiCAD files are now on github, too, I forgot to push&link them in the previous post)


maybe on a breadboard ? :wink:



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For those that are in the wrong continent to go to the conference @BoRRoZ, will there be RAK831 demonstration?


day one of the conference is all about practical skills.
also ‘building your own gateway’ I assume that here is a role for RAK831 boards, have to check that

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laurens posted above that there will be a session on building a gateway with the RAK831

I think you may also see Rak’s new SX1308 gateway there :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys,

Still struggling to get my gateway (RAK 831 + Pi based) and WisNode (RAK811 based) talking effectively.
I ran into problems using the AU915 plan (as many us in Australia). I found that the WisNode firmware did not seem to work correctly with the frequency plan. It was attempting to use the entire band, 915 - 928, rather than just the 8 channels as intended for sub band 2. I tried various configurations but could not get it to work reliably.

I have now changed to the AS923-925 plan which can be used in Australia also.

I now have another problem.

When I send an otaa registration, it looks like the data gets all the way through to my TTN console page. Shows up on data page for my device. However the WisNode does not appear to see the acknowledgement. As a result no registration occurs.

I have checked the global_conf.json file on the gateway against the band plan parameters, and it appears to be ok. I have also confirmed that the default 2 channels (0 & 1) are enabled on the WisNode. So I would assume that the node should be able to at least see the Rx2 returned message.

But still no registration.

Has anyone seen this before?

Are there any suggestions on how to fix.



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@jmarcelino … always the same :wink:

congrats !

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So excited to try the RAK832!

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I missed out (yet) again


RAK831 & GPS
Did somebody integrate the GPS for automatically update the gateway position to ttn?

After connecting an antenna I got immediately a fix and correct date, timp and position

sudo cat /dev/ttyS0 | grep "GPRMC"
$GPRMC,101057.00,A,472x.x5825,N,0083x.x3699,E,0.043,,201217,,,D*76     <--  time , "A" for fix, position, date

could I somehow use the position data or is it only “nice” to have a good timing via PPS?

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I am number 3 ;-). Very excited to try the beta :smiley:


congrats to ! (I won last month) RAK is very fast with new , innovative products @ this moment

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Christmas rak831 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very excited to tell we have a workshop at the Conference about Building your own Gateway with the RAK831 kits & remote controlling it via

@jmarcelino @Phil_Wilko

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and the RAK832 arrived today from Rak

Looks very familiar :slight_smile:

Maybe the first SX1308 commercial gateway?

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And the RAK832 arrived in The Netherlands :slight_smile:


Hi all, i have followed instruction from and i use remote config. ttn-gateway.service is running but at my console ttn the status still not connected.

So i look the log use comman tail /var/log/syslog but the result there’s no file there. How to troubleshoot this device?


kit price is without tablet :sunglasses:


So I’m really excited to have my first full RAK831 based GW running here but at the same time very disappointed about the performance of the supplied antenna.
I am going to try my diy 1/4 wave gpa if I find the time. Also saw mention of using a Lopy antenna?
Placement of the gw is still very far from optimum but I will keep working on the range.