The Things Conference - 1, 2 and 3 February 2018

The Things Conference is taking place!

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If you want to showcase, share or demonstrate something during the conference, please drop me a message (


Become a LoRaWAN expert while meeting the brightest minds in the industry


Early bird tickets are running out fast and will be available until the 11th of November.
Get your Early Bird tickets HERE

If you are planning to attend the conference, do check out the amazing list of confirmed speakers along with the agenda for 3 days.

Overview of the open source IoT ecosystem
Doing LoRaWAN from space
Reverse engineering LoRaWAN
Deepdive workshop on LoRaWAN RF using SDR hardware
Workshop on creating PCB optimised for LoRaWAN use
How to build end to end secure devices
Going to mass production
Workshop on creating PCB optimised for LoRaWAN use
How to build end to end secure devices
Going to mass production
TTN’s latest network server architecture and the future
How to design ultra low power devices
How to become an IoT developer if you are a web developer
Using geolocation with only LoRaWAN
Reflecting on 2 years of TTN and looking forward
Going to market in 2.5 months with a LoRaWAN product
Building serverless end to end LoRaWAN solutions
Workshop on building a node with WiFi localization from scratch

1 - 3 February 2018 - AMSTERDAM



When (or where) will the online course be available?

With best regards


I got access to the online course last week.

Same here… Now trying to complete it before the Conference :stuck_out_tongue:

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A 10 week coarse in less than 4 weeks? It is going to be a busy time!

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The 7 Layers of the OSI Model … o man that’s 40 years ago :rofl:


Just finished all theory, Now some tasks. We are good on track.

I started with the practical part… now working my way back :rofl:

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Hi guys, where do I get access to the course? I thought I’d come with the confirmation mail after buying the ticket, but I can’t find it, did I missed something? :confused:

If you bought a ticket you should receive an email with your login code, which off course is very personal.

Just received the files (the digital ticket and stuff) and the info about the discount hotels from Eventbrite, no mail from TTN, could it be that I’m logged with my personal gmail to TTN, but on Eventbrite I bought the ticket with my corporate mail account?

I’m not 100 % shure but that is possible.
the credentials came from :

I see, gonna contact the guys at to check. Thanks @BoRRoZ :smile:

I did offer to do a talk on LoRa for Small Satellites, but it looks like it was not accepted.

I won’t be able to attend the community day on Saturday of the conference.
As a ticket is expensive I would like to transfer my ticket for that day to a community member.
Is that possible?

Just heard it was accepted. You will be able to hear me drone on about (very) small satellites and simple methods of testing LoRa range, antennas etc.


think you should contact @laurens

The only e-mail I have received is from Eventbrite.