The Things Conference 2023

Conference this week and no thread. I will arrive to Amsterdam on wednesday. Will there be any meetup on wednesday evening? Are there any side events? If not, any one wants to meetup for a beer and IOT,/LoRa discussions?


Did you check Slack?

Hi Patrik, had initiated a TTConf thread as previous years on the Forum which I’ve just posted live here

This consolidates both informal info and also the earlier seperate idea of a Picture Gallery as a long term record of the Event.

Some earlier Conferences for reference:

@paulb I think the Slack channel is old and seems little used! (Recent and previous Conf posts have gone under the #General channel) But maybe a useful comms channel again if people start to utilise, though I think more ephemeral and short term (IIRC posts hidden after 90 days) than the Forum thread (which is archived & searchable :wink: )

Enjoy the show!

Please post away!

Worse, deleted - history on a free Slack - the subscription on which gets so out of hand in a heart beat I’m surprised anyone pays for it and doesn’t use something self-hosted.

I checked, but there was not much action in the channels I have access to.