The Things Conference Amsterdam, 2023 - Informal Info/Pictures/Discussion Thread

The Things Conference is back and opens again tomorrow Thurs 21st…LIVE!

This thread is intended as an informal drop point for any interesting news, stories, facts and hopefully LOTS OF PICTURES, PLEASE! to share with the community.

Something to say about a Key Note? Have a checking /clarifying question? Want to provide feedback? Keen to help update those attending live or virtually (sadly havent seen any reference for those of us unable to attend in person this year to view session online so need community inputs!!!)… please post away…


hi all - any pre-events/meetings/beers this year? any that @Archer would know about? :slight_smile:


For those unable to make it, you might want to check out (once the conference has started) The Things Stage Day 1, The Things Theater Day 1 and Interviews Day 1.
(There are placeholders for day two available as well however I’ll post those once day 1 has completed)

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Patrik suggested the De Biertuin Centrum, as last time!

Please some other place, the music was so crazy loud. Maybe something like O’Reilly can tickle you.
I guess the place just needs food and beer right?
Or this one:

Agree that it’s too loud. Anyway that was last night so we can take the Irish pub next year!
Now heading for the conference!

Can someone at the Conf please kick the organisers (Ben?) to change stage video capture - great to see the speakers BUT we really want to see the slides… missing the details on STM right now and much of Olivier Seller earlier!

A bit better - atleast getting a flash of slides now… wonder if all slide decks will be available after the event to review with a YT replay run through?

The links for day 2: