"The Things Gateway" basic network configuration

Dear all,
I cannot configure the “The Things Gateway” to work on a private network that doesn’t provide DHCP service. I cannot find where to set the IP and the proxy IP!
A gateway is supposed to work in a network and maybe my question is funny, but I cannot find where to configure the basic parameters to work on a LAN!
Thank you very much!
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If you mentioned the TTIG, yes it is true you can’t setup a IP address only WiFi with DHCP. But if you read some more in the past you had find that before.
There is no workaround to made on the TTIG, so only on your own private network add a DHCP server. No further solution.

jwijngaard thank you for your answer.
I am talking about
“The Things Gateway”
I can’t believe that a device designed to be connected to a LAN doesn’t offer any web interface to enter the basic LAN parameters.
Any tricks?
Thank you

Jup, strange device. Missing many basic features. Next you will find, that even running on LAN, you cannot disable Wifi…

But of course the source is available so anyone can add what is missing. :sunglasses:

When you attach an UART interface, you may get the following to work:

I’ve no idea if these actually work though, or how to persist any changes.

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Thank you arjanvanb.
I will try to configure it.

Dear all, as suggested by arjanvanb, I am trying to attach an UART interface to my “The Things Gateway”, but I cannot find the voltage of the rx/tx pins. Do you know it?
3.3 or 5?
Thank you

He Smartprotect:

Maybee find in the documentation on : https://github.com/TheThingsProducts/gateway/



I am using a Raspberry Pi to monitor that UART, and the Pi uses 3.3 volt.