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How would it know its transmissions were not received?

Good point! I know that Uno draws very little current so the powerbank may just be showing its normal behaviour under these conditions. I’ll need to do more testing, perhaps using the barrel connector.

I was viewing the TTN console on my phone, and also had the TTN Mapper app running at the same time. I can’t carry my laptop around the streets, unfortunately :grin: I could see from the counter field on the console that it was dropping transmissions when it was out of range.

As per a previous question, how would the Things UNO ‘know’ that it was out of range ?

I can only go by the fact that the TTN console was not showing any communications from the UNO, and when I believed it to be back in range, the counter number was not sequential.

Sorry, I should have been less cryptic in my earlier response. :slight_smile:

Devices don’t connect to gateways, but just transmit and hope that one or more gateways receive their radio transmission. They don’t know if any gateway received it (unless using confirmed uplinks, which you should not do every 10 seconds and which I assume you would have mentioned).

So, it’s not likely that powering off is related to the transmissions being received or not.

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Hi, I’d like to buy The Things Uno board. I’m from the Philippines…do you have any suggestion where I could buy it? I tried looking up to the RS website but it doesn’t ship to the Phils. Not sure about farnell though. But is there any other asian market which sells this board? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’ve just started working on TTN uno; it connects, I see messages and all seems work as expected; now it’s time to start sendint real data instead of fake data, so I have to start connecting sensor; as my understanding digital pin 0,1, 5 are not available because used by RN module, is it correct? are all other PINs available?

Hi where can I find a tutorial to solder on an external antenna? Thanks.

Nick that wasn’t very helpful - first thing I did was a search :frowning: There’s an article from 2016 which refers to the following instructions, but the link is broken:

Jou may follow this link : Modifications needed for external antenna on the Things Uno

The search link I provided from my bookmarks yields the post that was linked to above as the very first entry. And you gave no indication that you’d searched the forum. What search terms did you use?

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I thought there might be some kind of “official” document from TTN! So basically I split the sheath and solder to the two outer pads, and the inner core goes to the left hand side of R18, removing R18 in the process, does that sound right?

I’d get a U.Fl connector - marginally more robust but yes, the two outer pads are ground and the centre for the core, remove R18, glue 1cm of cable to the PCB because if you lift the track, your board will need some delicate repairs.

Thanks Nick, much appreciated.


I recently purchased a Things Uno and a Things Network Indoor Gateway. Everything is working and I managed to get a little sketch working that logged data to the TTNMapper project.


I’ve got a project I’m working on where I don’t have wired power and am thinking about incorporating solar power.

I ran across an interesting looking battery shield that can be charged by a solar panel:

I’m concerned if I use this shield, the Lithium ion battery, being so close, might negatively impact the antenna on the Things Uno.

Any thoughts?



That does look like a very impressive piece of RF shielding, Gucci black & stealth bomber shapped.

You could look for a shield that supports an external battery so it’s not covering the Uno board… Or search the forum / Google for the external antenna modification so you can have the antenna away from that shield.

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Thanks! – It’s a little expensive, but I might pick one up to test out for other projects… I’ll probably end up with an external battery charging module for a 3.7V Lithium Ion cell and then use a Boost module to get up to a regulated 5V for the Uno. (Bulkier, but won’t get in the way of the antenna.)

Hi again.

Another antenna-related question – What is the antenna pattern for the Things Uno board’s PCB antenna?

I’m putting my unit in a plastic enclosure and it will be mounted to a pole. What’s the best orientation for the Uno?

I’m assuming I want the long axis of the Uno parallel to the long axis of my dipole antenna on my outdoor gateway, but I’m not sure. RF has a way of being counter-intuitive! :slight_smile: