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If anyone wants to join our community, please join here at the forum first, so we can start the discussion about the planned tasks and ongoing activities.
Thanks :grinning:

(Cameron Leeson) #3

You can also join our Meetup group at:


Thanks Cameron for organizing the first Meetup!

(Cameron Leeson) #5

I'm looking forward to kicking things off and getting Melbourne's LoRa network happening.
There's no doubt LoRa is going to be a big deal... Check out this new product from Adafruit:

(Cameron Leeson) #6

This is an interesting topic to check out on this forum:


This is a great introduction to LoRaWAN written by Daghan:

(80211) #8

Is the Melbourne LoRaWAN active much?

(Kilo Bravo Foxtrot) #9

Hi guys, No posts here in over a year so maybe I’m calling out into an empty space, but I’m interested in getting together to talk about running LoRa gateways in Victoria. I work with blockchain technology, specifically, proof of location. Anybody here? Cheers


contact the community here

(Xnet) #11

I’m still interested in expanding the network down here on the Mornington peninsula, also interested in blockchain :slight_smile:

(Kilo Bravo Foxtrot) #12

Thank you BoRRoZ

(Kilo Bravo Foxtrot) #13

Cool xnet. Do you follow FOAM?

(Xnet) #14

I don’t believe so?

(Kilo Bravo Foxtrot) #15

Have you looked into what they are doing? Perhaps it might be interesting to you.
I am a cartographer on their platform. and

(Xnet) #16

Yeah, started following them on Twitter after your mention.

(Cclawton) #17

What Spectrum are is the Melbourne TTN community using? I’m using AU915 for my home router. My LoRa device is not connecting today in the CBD and there is no way of knowing - that I can tell - what the CBD routers are configured for?