The Things Stack Conference May 28 - FREE access for the TTN community

Important part of the event: The Things Network V2 to The Things Stack (aka V3) migration

The Things Stack Conference will be hosted on Friday May 28.
Join in to learn all about the Network Server which enables all of our LoRaWAN applications.

An important part of the event will be the migration from The Things Network V2 to The Things Stack (aka V3).

There is a free ticket available for The Things Network community, click the link below to learn more and to register:


Based on session titles the following sessions appear to be focussing on migration in general:

  • Migrating devices to The Things Stack
  • Migration QnA

Are there any sessions that cover the following topics?:

  • Migrating customer applications from V2 to V3. What are the differences between V2 and V3 from the perspective of a customer application and what will be needed (to be adapted/modified) before a customer application can successfully work with V3.
  • Migration of gateways (generic, not for a specific make or platform).
  • Availability of V3 TTIG support.

Can you give any advice to our forum users for which sessions to join if they want to focus on the migration?

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Especially this bit as far as I’m concerned - my TTIG is the only gateway I’ve got left on v2!

@Laurens at least until this is confirmed and transition for support a few days away can the yellow banner at top of Gateways on V2 console be amended to say “set up new GW’s on V3 UNLESS IT IS A TTIG in which case continue to use V2 until we implement V3 support” as we are seeing almost daily comments from frustrated users saying they have set up new TTIG or tried to migrate existing TTIG from V2 to V3 - reg successful but not showing connected in V3 or similar :wink:

Can any conference session also confirm if manual user intervention required for TTIG or if automated/batched by TT team? Triggered by user when ready but then automated in backend or what ever plan is, please?

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Just a thought - can this banner be added to the forums as well so that it’s really obvious when people try to post about it?

Below some sessions I would personally recommend:

Packet Broker by Johan Stokking at 11:00 am CEST
Johan will present the ins-and-outs of Packet Broker. I recommend this session because Packet Broker will be used for most migration scenarios. Read more

LoRa Basics™ Station deep-dive by Krishna Iyer Easwaran at noon CEST
Krishna will include a short update on TTIG support in The Things Stack. Read more

Migrating your gateways to The Things Stack using Balena by Marc Pous at 3:00 pm CEST
Marc will demonstrate how to migrate your Balena-enabled gateways to The Things Stack. Read more

Migrating devices to The Things Stack by Aggelos Kolaitis and Nejra Selimonić at 3:30 pm CEST. Read more

Migration QnA by Johan Stokking, Aggelos Kolaitis and Nejra Selimonić at 4:00 pm CEST. Read more

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Balena counts as ‘specific platform’ in this case.
Unfortunately a description for the contents of this session is missing.
Would this session be of interest for migration of gateways in general or only for gateways that are Balena-enabled (using/supported by Balena)?

I dont use Balena to manage GW’s so agree with @bluejedi - is there a generic ‘migration’ session? (I know, I know, I should go read session list - but sometimes find descriptions often misleading or incomplete :wink: ) I have 10+ different GW manufacturers & types deployed on personal GW estate and probably interact with 5-10+ other types/builds for/with clients so ideally need/looking for something that will cover (most of - 90%?) the bases vs manufacturer or platform specific…

Have successfully placed 2 new GW’s in V3 (TTS(CE)), but held off migrations for now…

The Balena session is only relevant for gateways which already run Balena software.

For all migration-related questions, these are the best sessions to join. It will cover the topics:

  • Migrating devices by initiating a new session
  • Migrating devices while keeping their sessions
  • Gateway migration
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Here is a list I captured of main presentations available on YouTube…Live sessions to be edited and added later (next week?)

TTS VConf May 28 Video List.txt (3.6 KB)

You mean most of them weren’t live - thats cheating!

Unlisted play list:

not everyone as brave as you! :wink:

but now we have to wait for link to your session…

At worst I can do it again, perhaps in fancy dress?

And then sing The Things Network song?

And the stage sessions that carried the red “Live” label (while streamed) were exactly the ones that were recorded and were not live. :laughing: