The Things Virtual Conference - April 16 2020: Worldwide

Coming soon to an internet connected device near you :slight_smile:

Stuck at home? Join in…

Get tickets/register here
Eventbright alternatively you can follow the get your tickets link from conference page above. Note free tickets for event ambassadors already gone! STD ticket €25.


The number of Event Ambassadors increased.

Get free access if you sign up as an event ambassador and support us in sharing the event.

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Hi @laurens have gone through order entry registration process twice just now and in each case at end of form the ‘register’ is greyed out/non-functional - have checked all items completed, in some cases with multiple options ticked, etc. no error flagged - tried both Internet Exporer 11 & Firefox ESR 68.6.0 releases but no success! :frowning: Booking system subsequently timed out having to start process again…

Just me/my pc’s or anyone else having problems? …just off to try on iPad :wink:

iPad worked without any issues for me.

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Just worked fine on iPad for me too … probably some weird cookie/java/JavaScript/adblocking thing :wink:

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I’m interested to attend but does anyone know the actual format of the 24 hr event?

  1. How is the content delivered? Is it all via the Eventbrite app?

  2. The schedule has a number of events showing the same time, so can you watch them on-demand at a convenient time for your timezone or is it a stay-up and watch for 24 hrs or until you drop…

  3. Will the content be available after the event to review?

Alex Shepherd
Hamilton, New Zealand

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Has everyone who has a ticket had an invitation for tomorrow’s event?

Event Brite? 1 eTicket
The organizer will follow up with instructions on how to redeem your ticket and access the event.

Not had anything from TTN?


I got an e-mail with information regarding the event this morning just before 10am. The mail includes a link to the event YouTube channel and a link to the schedule.