The WORKBENCH part 1


always look at the bright side of life :wink:


nice panel. What are the specs ?


the panel (less then 10,-) 14 cm x 26 cm arived with 4 window suckers.
its made of a sturdy thin plastic sheet .

on the back there is a little bump with the 'charge electronics and USB output port

its rated at 10W but in the specs I read 5 v - 1A and that doesn’t add up
after unpacking I connected it to a voltmeter curious to see if there was some juice coming out behind my window, nothing.
then I took it outside, clouded, no sun and the end of the afternoon, it started to produce a bit :sunglasses:

and … it can be used for relaxing !

  • update

It took me a while before the sellers discription sunk in:

This product cannot contact with strong corrosive objects.

I think it means ’ this product is not waterproof - don’t use in the rain :sunglasses:

(Gry Kyo) #202

This label is nothing to do with the goods inside the package!

It means that the goods inside the package were carried by a European courier/postal service but not from their country of origin outside the EU. This would happen if a consignment of packages from China for example was delivered to a carrier in Europe who then distributed the individual packages to the addressees within EU. It is the European courier/postal service who puts the yellow label on the package.


Plug and Play : 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen UNO R3 Board for US $6.52
conclusion : it worked :sunglasses:

I installed this library : #MCUFRIEND_kbv via Library Manager:


time to finally finish a when I have time project :wink:
audio tone control kit … for google voice assistant

no parts missing …nice


I thought it was easy to create a menu on a 12864 lcd display, controlled by one (rotary) button.
I was wrong, so I’ve made a ‘dev’ board set up only for this purpose.


cheap power bank arrived … you have to put in a 18650 battery yourself - US $2.49 incl. shipping :rofl:

100 mA no problem

1000 mA … uh

(Jezd) #207

Is that the battery at fault?


No its the dc/dc converter… overall a cheap handy little box for mobile, low power (arduino on desk ?) things and an 18650 charger is build in to.

(Jezd) #209

As your using 1.5v battery I guess its just hooked up direct to a standard adc pin for taking readings?

On an unrelated board I’m struggling to find a low current solution that’s better than a simple voltage divider to watch a lipo battery, board has a voltage regulator - I’m surprised that there is no off the shelf circuits for this


two dials for ping-pong :joy:


I think the battery is 3.7V it’s not a regular AA rechargeable (NiMH)


yes to A6
this board works from 1.2 to 3v max… so no lipo’s



I was looking for parts in my junkbox and found this, not completely finished, single channel gateway.
Can I use the parts ? … No, to much work to get the parts in one piece of the proto board.

Then this morning I woke up with an idea, and I hope I get some feedback from fellow TTN’ers .
I realised (in my sleep ? :thinking:) that these parts also can be used for an :

  • TTN node with webinterface

Imagine that you can go to a webpage were you can create a real node by just filling in your Application ID , Integrations, PayloadFormats, OTAA / ABP, interval ect.
And imagine that you can switch on a tempsensor so that this node will transmit every minute a temp, or maybe a location or an air quality sensor.
You control these settings over the webinterface.

That would be handy for application development and also an easy way for international communities to work together.
You don’t have to buy or build a node to start with the TTN network, you just go online switch one on and it will be visible in your console.
You may use it for a certain time (rent A node ? :wink: ) then it will be switched of.

Idea to make ESP8266 RFM95W Node user-friendly with TTN

Nice Blynk / INA219 based DC Current/Voltage//Power measurement app + device:


I am expecting my ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT today, so in preparation I am looking at the Pi zero (again), it was collecting dust lately.

I noticed that seeed studio has a new affordable 4-Mic array for RPI (backorder) , that will make voice input better.


and… ??


so I need an ‘alarm signal’ on a mobile when a pir LoRaWAN node detects movement.
I thought thats a nice way to learn IFTTT which is an TTN integration.

step 1 - create an account

step 2 - install the IFTTT app from the playstore (absolutely crazy how much access they want)

step 3 - final tweaking of the test pir node

  • found a nice notification alarm sound mp3