The WORKBENCH part 1

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OK, now I understand that the state of variables (like frame counter) is unaffected by the sleep.
It is different from esp8266 which does not return to the loop() but goes to setup() when woken up (I think). Thanks!


In my code I generate a node ‘frame counter’ and also the TTN backend has a frame counter.

Every time I transmit a frame the arduino increases the counter variable by one and transmit that value.
(for Cayenne I use ‘luminosity’)

The TTN backend , when receives this packet, also increases by one so these 2 values must be equal or we missed a frame.
For example, if it starts freezing like -5, there is a chance that the RN2483 (old model) wil stop transmitting and when then later the temperature rises, it will start working again… these 2 counters could point to that possible problem.


that’s why I couldn’t charge this new very cheap battery … the protection circuit has no components.


for the second time in 2 months trying to get the very fast 100% humidity reading from the BME280 sensor below the 100 :sunglasses:


RAK811 portable programmable TTN node under construction :sunglasses:

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Even @CurlyWurly dropped by but productivity still very poor, Workbench still at large!


indeed :sunglasses:



lesson learned : don’t work on electronics when you just came back from the gym :wink:


almost forgot that I ordered them… 19000 mA - 3.6 V non rechargeable in D format :sunglasses:



the D size holders arrived to :


mine arrived too, only smaller brother and sister :wink:


you found a sticker on the packaging like this… what does it mean ?


‘quick and dirty’ rak811 measurement board with an ‘leonardo micro’ as uart controller


finally found a good solution to mount 12864 LCD displays :sunglasses:


AA battery drainage rn2483A node with 5 min interval


yes, but no idea what they would point to.


I’m planning to use these small dc/dc converters … got a few in today


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I got that sometimes too. I believe it means “contain batteries of some sort” ?


ah ok… indeed that package contained batteries :roll_eyes:

(Deux Vis) #198

That was just a guess because I only had that on batteries deliverys, but some people offer other interpretations, for instance : “custom duties and other fees still need to be paid on this parcel”

Definitely not battery related as some people got that with books.