The WORKBENCH part 1


nice (momentary) switch.
is it also available with a RGB led?


indeed momentary nonlatch with buildin LED… I bought them a few years ago unfortunately I can’t find a link.
have them with a green,red and blue led
RGB I don’t know… if I find the link from the supplier I will post it here :sunglasses:


This week we really testing the outdoor nodes in Holland … brrrrrrrrrrrrrr :sunglasses:

I noticed allready 2 things… battery level dropping faster and RSSI is decreasing when the humidity and temp is getting lower… ?


Can connect lot of devices, like some Raspi :wink:


max 3.5 A … not 6 A but ok, it has ’ Green environmental protection–Strong compatibility !!’ :sunglasses:
(I put it in the bargain basement… tnx)
and US $16.46 incl. shiping is not a bad deal, did you order one ?


That power supply is not recommended according to this review: review WLX-899

I am very content with the following charger (using it for 2+ years): Anker 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger.
It has 6 ports, provides 12A (60W), is very compact (so it is also portable), silent, stays rather cool and the LED is dim (not like a torch). There is even a 10-port version (also 60W total, more ports but not more power).

Anker 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger

Review: review Anker 60W 6-port A2123


thanks… dangerous bargains are… well… still dangerous :sunglasses:

@ the moment I am trying to understand this.
you see filtered sensor data from early this morning… only RSSI and framecounter
I am watching this closely @ the moment because I want to see how the RN2483 behaves in the cold

Is this the ‘problem’ with the old silicon ? see the enormous drop in the RSSI and some retrys and then happely continuing as if nothing happend :roll_eyes:

data made available through new Cayenne feature

(Kalon33) #450

@borroz At some point, we will surely end up installing some USB wallplugs at home for our stuff rather than chargers/power supplies :wink:


Until every single USB powered device will support USB-C (or it’s nextgen incarnation) that is not going to happen any soon (not to mention that it will have to fit in the space for the wallmount).

Until that time devices like the Anker 6-port 120W and similar devices will serve us way better than all those individual USB charging devices, each eating up one or more power slots. :wink:

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Over the past months I have left TTN Nodes in my shed, and they always stopped working.
The ones inside the house happily continue to Ping

It gets cold in my shed… Could that be the cause? I never investigated further.

My shed is 10 meters away from the Gateway (inside the house)

I’ll see if I can log some measurements over time


yes its a know hardware problem with the rn2483 version.
the new ones, the rn2483A ,seem to have a better crystal tolerance.

(Danny Engelman) #454

There is no A on my node, just dropped it in the shed
Will have every-minute readings in my database

That 26 degrees isn’t correct either…


test onboard lipocharger before wiring everything


the A version is the latest version (when you buy the chip)
I don’t understand your graph, temperatures drop very fast in your shed :wink:

you can very easily integrate with Cayenne

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Lucky me being a $$$ kickstarter supporter, I got the first Nodes :frowning:

Node 001 is INside, I took Node 002 OUTside

It is cold outside… and the Node stopped working at around 7 degrees:


7 or -7 ?

ok I see it stopped transmitting at 7 on your graph but that’s not normal behavior

(Danny Engelman) #459

+7 (see Y axis)

(yes, the x-axis needs some work)


if you do a forum search on ’ rn2483 cold you find some topics from last year

  • what firmware version do you use ?

(Amedee) #461

Could it be that with the low temperature the battery doesn’t deliver enough power?


yes that’s indeed another possibility but that depends on the battery type.
LiPo’s don’t like low temperatures.
Ask the RC pilots/ drone guys