The WORKBENCH part 1


Could this be the new magic stick? Time to find out!


seems to be a good one :sunglasses:


It’s a good day to go to the roof :slight_smile:


yep the snow is gone (NL) … time for LoRaWAN :sunglasses:


not at all places :wink:


wow… beautifull !

so that’s a topic… what enclosures to use in different climates :sunglasses:


Exciting times :slight_smile:


ruggedised pir mini loralarm node … 2 years or more standby
calculated 1.5 mA day - battery 1500 mA

* this PIR works @ 3V but the range is shorter (2-3 mtrs)

as an on/off switch I will use a mercury angle switch.
node horizontal is off and vertical is on.

(Goran Mahovlic) #511

I just added SD card logger to UNI-T UT61E so I can preserve current measurements of my nodes…

For now it just logs to faile until you press a button then it just sends data to USB…
UT has its own software but it works only in windows, and if you record some measurements for a long period usually somethings breaks…

(Deux Vis) #512

@BoRRoZ care to share the source for that beautiful blue box, if you can please ?

Nicely packed all your stuff inside this by the way.


its not wired yet :slight_smile:

sure… I publish code later, basically it’s just an external interrrupt on the 328PB (coming from the pir) waking up the processor which in turn wakes up the rn2483a and transmits a certain ‘alarm’ value

(Deux Vis) #514

Ah sorry I didn’t mean the source code, I was curious about where you bought the physical box.


25x25x80mm -

there is a slightly bigger one but not in TTN blue :sunglasses: and no 2 halves !
32x32x100mm -



testing and settings china GPS NEO6 with UBLOX U-center

(Ebreyit) #519

Which libraries are you using with GPS when integrating.?


Normally softserial on pro mini’s , but I have this new 328PB which has an extra uart.

That’s why I am dusting off some old GPS modules, see if they work ect so I hope to connect one with that new MCU but using the buildin uart.

I have a few working but when checking the consumption, I was in shock, that one on the picture uses 42 mA :scream:

(Ebreyit) #521

What voltage are you driving it with…?

Found a doc on the 7 and 8 Series with regards to power consumption and saving.

Here’s one for the 6

Datasheet for the 6 (Page 15)

That looks typical for the 6 series when tracking at max performance mode


spot on … @3v3 … but I have a few 8’s to, have to test first

(LoRaTracker) #523

That current consumtion is close to normal for a Ublox 6. The more modern Ublox 8s will run in powersave at around 10mA to 15mA average in cyclic mode from memory.

For the 7s and 8s you may need to configure the GPS out of GLONASS mode, and if your doing that avoid using softserial, it can be unreliable at configuring the GPS, neoSWserial is a lot more stable.

There is no need to run the GPS all the time, the Ubloxes have a software shutdown capability and the standby current goes down to 40uA or so from memory. With a decent antenna when you wake it up for a ‘hot fix’ it should aquire one in 2-5 seconds, so although the running current in this period is 25mA or so, its not running for long anyway.