The WORKBENCH part 1


an interesting option is to connect the GPS over I2C with the help of THIS module.
advantage is that you have complete control over this 'converter so you can use it as a filter.

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Interesting, the Ublox GPSs do already support I2C of course.


in combination with that type of ‘china’ U blox modules ? … No, never seen that :sunglasses:
I played a bit a few years ago with that module and it works, they use it alot in RC world.


N,B. No need to update the Tiny GPS plus library anymore (as Andreas had to do in this video).
The Tiny GPS library was updated last month and now works fine for NEO-M8.
Its worth highlighting - Make sure you have the latest version!

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There never was a need to change or update the TinyGPS+ library, just send the GPS the config command to turn off the GN (GLONASS) sentences, easy peasy.

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Evening all.

I’m pretty new to the group (and TTN in general). I thought I’d take a break from trying to get the new gateway working, and post some pics of the unit itself.

Case from Thingiverse with a minor mod to hold the GPS antenna. I’m using the backplane between the Raspi and iC880a for the GPS module itself.

It’s nice being part of a maker/hacker community again!


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As we are talking about GPSs, I did a write up of the issues around GPSs and the amount of power they use and how to keep it to a minimum, the report is here;

For reduced power consumption its basically about using hot fix and the bigger the GPS antenna the better. There are Ublox 8s with the large 25mm ceramic patch antenna that are particullarly good, cheap on eBay, and the 8s use far less power than the 6s anyway. Although I guess that with the 6s being a couple of pounds cheaper they are often the first choice.


yes wednesday is GPS day… you know that :sunglasses:

always a problem those ceramic antenna’s… sometimes they are allready mounted on the backside of the GPS module… sometimes they come with a IPX u. fl MALE to RP-SMA cable, in both cases very difficult to mount in/on a non plastic enclosure outdoor handheld device.
Did you noticed that the metal part is rusting after a while ?

So I am gonna test this one

another thing I have been thinking about today , and I write it down here is this :

if you need an accurate timestamp and you have a GPS module in your gateway, what happends to LoRaWAN when the GPS is jammed ?

diy GPS Jammer Using a Satellite Tuner


very well ventilated !

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Heh :slight_smile: Well, I can mod the design easily enough, I figured better having too many holes at first rather than too few :wink:


Its a good thing , I like the enclosure , how long did it take to print ?
every year I think, I should buy/build a 3D printer … but then the next day I think… ‘why ?’

several TTN’ers are into ’ 3d printing’ … maybe someone wants to start a 3D printing thread with tips and tricks ? :sunglasses: I would love to see that

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That case at medium quality was about 4 hours?

I like the combination of electronics, programming, networking, manual work (soldering and assembly) and design/printing. Put them all together and you can come up with some pretty cool things!


I see that @pixelchain started the 3D printing thread… great !


ordered 2 x RN2483A today for next day delivery from FARNELL

just got mail, more then 100 in stock but they can’t deliver because of import restrictions ???:scream:


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idea : mini desktop office LoRaWAN air quality node

material :
CCS811 Carbon Monoxide CO VOCs Air Quality Numerical Gas Sensor for arduino
want to build that in a little closed ‘box’ and sucking the ‘old’ air out just before measuring with this
DC3V Micro Vacuum Pump Super Mini Air Pump

that’s also an argument for buying/building a 3D printer … I need that little special enclosure :sunglasses:

(Deux Vis) #540

FYI you need to take some extra steps (for instance epoxy or varnish application) with an FDM printed object if you want to get sure of it being air-tight - and it’s the same for water by the way.

(Deux Vis) #541

Out of curiosity, why do you need a pump ?

(Duineuk) #542

Just buy a printer dude. You know you’re trying to talk yourself into it :wink:


LOL… so true :rofl: