The WORKBENCH part 1

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After your post and Borroz’s post I have re-tested the sensor in a 2m pipe.
It seems that for VL53L0X the practical limit is 180 or 170 cm of length if the pipe has 11cm in diameter. For 200 cm the results became less stable.
My mini-project involves measurement of ground water level, for the time being the plan is to dig-in a 2m / 180cm pipe, install VL53L0X on top of it and see what happens,

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VL53L1X looks interesting but there are no modules available yet (except the one on tindie mentioned by mvdswaluw, more expensive than VL53L0X which is really cheap), more importantly no libraries; and the “measurement cone” of 27 degrees seems too wide for my purposes (sure, there are options for narrowing the “beam” but it would require to be pre-programmed in a library).
VL53L0X and VL53L1X seem to be quite complex and I tend to go for simplicity: I use Pololu’s library in “single shot” mode.


after some time doing other things back to were I left things on the workbench :sunglasses:

building a weatherstationnode to test the enclosure
struggling with epaper fonts and linespacing (and memory!)


yes … finally I need a new desktop PC… the horror :neutral_face:

Haven’t looked at processor’s and mobo’s / memory for many years, so what’s new, hot, what’s good for my purpose ? I’m not a gamer but I like a fast system.
AMD Ryzen 7 ? have to do a lot of reading coming days to catch up…

my current antique


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I would start with dropping Windows for starters … :shushing_face::grimacing:

Now I will just duck and run out of here …


The best buy I ever made of a development machine was a refurbished Apple Mac mini: 1 x Apple Mac Mini Unibody, Intel Core i7 2.0GHz 4GB 1TB A1347 (Late 2011/ Server) (A1347 - 12) for £399.00 + a bit more( :slight_smile: ) for RAM and SSD (it’s now 16GB with a 512GB RAM system SSD and 512GB hdd). I have used it every day for nearly 18months and never had a problem. The downside is that it has very poor graphics performance, but then I don’t play games…

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I figured as I was posting report pictures of the activity from last week hackerspace session I could as well include some here.

So, while I’m still fiddling with breadboards for my RF projects…

… some other hackers went the “mass production” way …

… using that hacked together SMD oven made from a floodlight.

In the meantime I also assembled that 3D printed “third hand” for SMD soldering jobs from thingiverse :

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Now there is a nice reflow oven !! :+1:


very good idea… how is it controlled ?

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He inserts a thermocouple under the light, and use a homemade dedicated controller based on - I believe - that project. I didn’t post the picture because it was not very well taken but here it is :

Pcb during assembly - nice thing we keep a log of activities :



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Planning a connected diet ?


it’s what’s left of an old wifi connected scale project, thinking of reusing it for a LoRaScale.

could be interesting … just step on it and it connect, with the right backend you could see your weight (and graph’s) on your phone :sunglasses:

good name btw… connected diet !


(Amedee) #741

I updated my Adafruit TTN-Mapper node with a GPS…

Did some current measurement:

  • 20 mA for the first version
  • 60 mA for the version with the GPS

(Dave Thornton) #742

Ingenious! How do you control the temperature / time profile?

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for experimenting when you have a lorawan module with AT interface, its nice to have preprogrammed ‘action’ buttons.
just click and see what happends in the console… or more commands in a sequence and save as a 'script.

free download QCOM V1.6 -


btw I’m really start to like these RAK811n modules :wink: but can’t find them anylonger on their site


RAK 'support on simple questions … not by mail and not on their support forum
back to microchip for new designs then ?


(Deux Vis) #745

I have not used that ‘oven’ myself but I believe the controller allows to enter heat ramp up / time settings.

As mentioned, see the controller project on github for details.


qcom, awesome !!!

(Duineuk) #747

TTN Mapper (Pro Nano, RFM95, Ne06 GPS). My printed case design.

I’ll concede the wiring could do with some work :roll_eyes: - anyone recommend good, thinner than the 22 AWG wire I’m using right now?