The WORKBENCH part 1


I have to study this more and build some POC… syncing a node’s RTC over LoRaWAN, or maybe another TTN’er have experience with this ?

Yesterday found some 3231 modules but without the memory chip (uses to much energy when reading/writing)

also found some cheap bitcoins online


(Jeff Uk) #851

Hummm Chocolate nom nom nom… no?! :frowning:


Nice small module. If I see it right, there are only GND,VCC,SDA&SCL pin available.
No reset pin and no 32kHz or Int/SQW output. If you need one of these signals this module is not easy to use.


oeps… missed that one :roll_eyes: . tnx

luckily I also ordered 4 of these with memory… thinking ’ maybe I could desolder the mem + led


That is the module I have used a few times. It does not have a reset pin but I never needed one. The 32kHz can be disabled and the SQW can be used as alarm output.


indeed a nice accurate and very cheap RTC module.

lots of info and libs too :sunglasses:


Meet the Tic-Tac Rak-Tracker


Naturally with the required pink battery from the Action store


very ’ crea ’ Paul :grinning:

  • off course we want to see the opened IOT TTN TicTac enclosure… what’s inside ?




confusing picture because I think a NCR18650B would never fit in a TicTac box … this is a smaller battery/lipo (AAA?) (but same green colour)

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Larger pack/bulk buy Tic-Tacs?! :wink:


This box looks bigger, was also a lot of candy to eat




audio feedback (buzzer) when testing and placing the PIR sensor, remove jumper when done (silent alarm)

for more complicated wiring I use analog design tools :wink:

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An alternative to ty-raps I use in such cases are water hose clamps with a screw band.

You can get them in varying sizes from gardening equipment stores or construction stores, either in galvanised or stainless steel versions. If you need more length, you can join two or more of them in ‘series’.



I mentioned with a link :
With some bolts and nuts M4 / M5 you mount in a few steps to each pipe.


read the position of a 3-way on-off-on switch with a single arduino pin


Micro SD Wemos D1 Mini Data Logger Shield+RTC DS1307 Clock

I don’t have a use case for them (yet) but they are so cheap:sunglasses:

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New toy



and still running :sunglasses: (started 24-10-2017 on a single 1.5 battery)


rocket scream + monatoetje node

(Ssozonoff) #870

Huh … with LMIC stack ? I have yet to have mine run longer than a couple of weeks before something crashes and it needs a reboot. I took some example the Rocket Scream guys.

Good to know that its possible though!!