The WORKBENCH part 1


cool enclosure for my RPI gateway :sunglasses:

you can 3D print the case too … but I think aluminium looks better

that said… they are very hard to find new (it’s an 'old product) but I’ve found one.
and now repeat 1000 times ’ no I don’t need it ’ :flushed:


I’ve replaced my sensor in my FARS today as the sensor pcb also was damaged by moisture. Now that it works again I’m planning to spray the pcb with plasti-dip (I have a spray can already). As I’m using a SHT15 as sensor I will cover up the ventilation hole of the sensor with a piece of tape when spraying.

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Thought I might try the 3D Print version changing the Apple ‘Apple’ Logo to TTN Cloud :slight_smile: and doing in Blue/White but sadly the STLFinder link ends up at a 404 error…will go searching when I have a few mins spare…


LOL Jeff … good plan ! :sunglasses:

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Here it is!

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Well done thanks :slight_smile: - Delivery of White filament due over weekend so… :wink:

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Damn! Just looked at slicing ready for print and its 2-4cm too big for build platform…guess may have to look at modding/scaling somehow - simple (say) 80% scaling or whatever never seems to work right for parts that ‘fit’…hey hum…

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No because you cannot effectively control the spray for this type of application. I would suggest something like this:


tnx, I searched a bit too on protecting electronics from the elements

but NO spray that’s clear… I would damage the sensor.


you have lorawan car parking detectors… and now this :wink:



Connecting my sensebender with TTN :slight_smile:


Using the standard lmic library and SI7021.h to read temperature and humidity.



oeps… litlle adapterboard mistake… wanted to fit 2x ds3231 :roll_eyes:

eBay to the rescue



next month its my birthday … So after thinking for a while I decided and ordered one of these
(on youtube)
Have had very good PM communication with the seller So I’m sure everything will be fine.

I finally arrived in the wonderfull world of SMD :wink:
and now an oven


update import duties , transport and fees for the microscope to NL - total € 404,92



found this affordable and apparently dangerous liquid for protecting an outdoor sensor with brush :

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I have been using this type of solution for over a decade. One thing you have to look out for, some of this stuff (actually the really good stuff) is incredibly viscous. It will run up the legs of connectors and DIP switches. It is a great insulator. A few times I have had to use a pen knife to clean off excess from connectors which is in itself challenging because you can’t actually see the stuff when it is so thin.


Cant see my workbench anymore… to much stuff and to little space to put it. Anyone has tips on wall mounted boxes / holders for a electronic geek from Holland???





these big plastic stackable drawer boxes fit in cheap ikea bookshelves, so you still have to much stuff but he… you don’t see it :rofl:


I see an open spot that might fit a 3d printer