The WORKBENCH part 1


some 'fancy links then :sunglasses:



this is that steel conrad enclosure, have one here from a never finished/started project … 2 rpi’s / one rak 831 / display / power adapter / ssd … it should fit :sunglasses:



oeps… the framecounter of the test node started (lucky?) at zero again after reaching 65535 frames :roll_eyes:

didn’t expect it to last that long and stored it in an unsigned INT




non EU … :scream:

but I could test with a flashlight :sunglasses:

image quality is good

(Deux Vis) #1018

Oh you did get the printed instructions manual in English ? I only had Chinese (but then she sent me a pdf on request).

(Kylix) #1019

Total cost? (including the customs taxes)


see The WORKBENCH - € 404,92


yes… little booklet.
did you get EU connectors for the led light and video camera ?

(Deux Vis) #1022

Nope, both US plugs, but I had an adapter for he camera available and another led ring which is fitting so didn’t ask for a swap.

I suppose for future EU buyers the best would be to ask for EU plugs at order time.


I had contact with seller this morning and she is finding a solution, be it adapter plugs or something else.
I see now that you are right about that extra lens…

but overall.. I’m very happy too … great video camera / lenses


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I paid 325.27 € to the aliexpress seller - microscope kit + optional lens + shipping - and 82 € of various taxes on delivery - mostly VAT.

So total of 407.27 €

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I ordered one too some days ago.

(Deux Vis) #1026

Well if yo need non-US plugs and the package didn’t ship already, tis about time to ask the seller :expressionless:


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These are unsafe and may not be sold or imported in the EU. Chances are slim customs will intercept them but if they do you lose your investment… :wink:


yes that is my biggest fear too … maybe they even fine you for illegal imports of dangerous goods.



2 x 1.5 = 3 :wink:


CaliPile™ TPiS1S1385
detect human presence, human motion, thermal threshold crossing, thermal shock conditions, and timing conditions. In other words, this small thermopile can tell if someone has entered a room, if they are moving inside it, if they have stopped moving but still present, and if they have left.

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But there are some sellers of the same ones sending them from the UK or other EU area.

Out of curiosity, why are they considered unsafe ?


you always see them in ‘travel’ kits … I don’t know… @kersing knows :sunglasses: possibly EU regulations
but the seller sended them as a solution.
btw (I was 'lolling a bit… because I just use such an adapter when neccessary with low currents)

(Jac Kersing) #1034

Because you can touch the powered metal while extracting the US plug from the adapter (if the adapter is still in a powered socket). Legal plugs require the pins of the US plug to be shielded when they could be powered.