The WORKBENCH part 1

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Thanks, makes sense.
That’s why the kind I can usually buy in shops have that round plastic shield.

Now that is a job for my 3D printer to add something like this onto the unsafe ones I ordered…


but I’m afraid that won’t fit on the adapter…


to suki liao from the microscope shop… THIS is what we need in Europe :wink:


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Alternatively :wink:

to suki liao from the microscope shop… THIS is what we need in parts of Europe :wink: @BoRRoZ, there fixed that for you! :slight_smile:

Other regions need something like this


Or perhaps one with interchangeable ‘blades’ so you can ship just one SKU:-


These are often found on networking & consumer products shipped into Europe…

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Laird…are you listening/watching?! :wink:

@BWhitten - FYI also :slight_smile:


will I ever receive my antenna analyzer bought on eBay ?

how to create a poll on this forum

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The one time a seller wiped his account before my item arrived, I never got it.
Got refund by paypal then ; just don’t forget the time limit.




1e conclusion : everything fits like a glove… have to test the temps later

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wow, 120$, that’s cheap! I paid ~151$ or so on ali!
Maybe it was just a fake seller? :frowning:


when I ordered I did see he was a relative new shop but more then 70 reactions and mostly positive.
And indeed I calculated that he could send the old model… not completely disappear :sunglasses:

Well… I get my money back So that’s not the problem, I shop with confidence on ali / ebay and always use paypal and no complaints.
(maybe it even will arrive ??? :rofl: )



the new RAK TALKY :sunglasses:


The PCB’s are not mounted to the case which any screws?


the rpi is mounted on the bottomplate with screws.

more dangerous is the impression given by RAK, that you can mount their ‘magic stick’ antenna with an adapter plug direct on the adapter board.


DON’T try this @ home !! it breaks … :scream:


luckily its the GPS connector (gps module is not mounted so no probs but… be carefull)

didn’t noticed the led’s before… nice touch


cool !



air inlet / outlet for the mcu controlled 'particle chamber.
3oo mA is a lot to open a little valve… hope the little pump is powerfull enough to switch off after a short time.


R.I.P. rocket scream testnode model 1 24-10-2017 - 17- 6-2018 :cry:


65535 + 1643 + 1 + 1 = 67180 frames transmitted
67180 x 5 min = 335900 minutes / 60 = 5590 hours / 24 = 233.2 days on a single AA battery … :sunglasses:





no sign of moisture inside




R.I.P. old LoRaWAN friend …

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Way to go! Well done @BoRRoZ & @rocketscream…now if only we could buy them! :wink:


goodmorning … I start the week with fresh ideas :sunglasses:


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5 minute intervals are very close for a “deployed for life” environmental node? Had your interrupts been hourly or 4 x daily I think the hardware issues with Bosch sensor or physical robustness would have been limiting factors, not the battery life.
, That all said, to get 67,000 transmits from a single AA cell is an achievement, cudos to you and the RocketScream crew!


it was just for testing… max input voltage is 3v so you could more then double the life when using a lithium 123 battery.
the new model has an even better dc/dc converter that will work with voltages below 1.2 v so extending the node’s life, all is done to see what you can achieve with ‘normal’ batteries.

  • it’s not my achievement… I’m just the tester :sunglasses:


time to finish this 'dragino combi sensor (temperature / movement)