The WORKBENCH part 1

(Jose Marcelino) #1076

SX1262 design incoming!


(Tony Smith) #1077

@BoRRoZ, agree, no photo = it does not exist. Just received message, RAK833 arriving Monday. I’ll post some photos of my existing outdoor gateway based on a RAK831 & Pi3B+ they have been on Slack but have disappeared.


yes nice Tony… tnx !


433 … the new frontier :wink:


Frequency%20band%20selection :wink:


(Jose Marcelino) #1081

Yep, definitely ordered the 850-930 version for this one…

… and it’s just for testing because a certain familiar brand is coming out with something even more interesting.

July will be hot, get your dev game ready.

(Tony Smith) #1082

??? What’s this, suspense is killing me!! Link??

(Jose Marcelino) #1083

That’s from the SX1262 based module I posted above:

SX1262 is the new LoRa chip from Semtech:

Very interesting features:

  • 50% less power in receive mode
  • 20% more extended range
  • +22 dBm transmit power
  • A 45% reduction in size: 4mm by 4mm
  • Simplified user interface with implementation of commands (10 lines of code needed to transmit or received a packet)
  • New spreading factor of SF5 to support dense networks


Thanks for sharing :wink:


so we can expect a microchip rn2483 B soon ?


Would have been nice if bottom had same pinout than RFM95 except the antenna :wink:

(Jose Marcelino) #1087

Next gen




live and kicking :sunglasses:



from the same manufacturer … possibly illegal contraband in the EU :smirk:

(Jose Marcelino) #1090

You just need the right license eg in the UK there’s the new (rebranded) Innovation license

(Jeff Uk) #1091

Makes me chuckle in LoRa context when they call out limits for dBuV/m at edge of premises…when may be looking to trial/test LoRa at not just 30/100m but 1km, 10km…30km+…?!

BTW know of easy way to convert dBm of ERP to dBuV/m of field strength at a given distance?

(Jose Marcelino) #1092



unboxing EZ-DCE15 - Die Cast Enclosure






superfast DHL delivery - first impression : nice small box / good webshop :sunglasses:



The BARGAIN basement part 4
(Jeff Uk) #1094

Snap! (Yes it was me…), figured if ordering a bunch may as well add some SMA & N type pigails, adapters & POE cables etc as no increase to shipping…also impressed with delivery as ordered Wed am and arrived lunchtime today :slight_smile:
Internal mounting plate will be useful - even if narrowing space vs other forum thread comments.
BIG problem is 5x expanded polystyrene packing cases rubbing against each other with die cast box then well insulated and holding charge = massive static shocks! :frowning: Fortunately opened on kitchen table vs office/workshop so keeping well away from anything electronic :wink:


…thanks for initially flagging them :+1:

(Jac Kersing) #1095

And now they’re out of stock. In the past we had slashdotting a site. These days we have TTNing a webshop with LoRaWAN (compatible) stuff :wink: