The WORKBENCH part 1



you can [have] buy this one if you need it … made a little error ( the space needed for more parts like 3g/4g router and thickness of lipo’s) … or it will be another dust colector


? is it possible to get an RPI (gateway) working on ZIGGO WIFI HOTSPOTS (NL) . anyone tried ?

(Jac Kersing) #1098

Have you check this message on the ziggo forum? (Dutch)


off course :wink: just checking but I have a problem, you can’t test it on your own ziggo modem, and there’s no ziggo hotspot within reach.:sunglasses:

(Jac Kersing) #1100

?? Why can’t you?




nope … you can’t connect with your own modem

all ZIGGO Wifispots have the reserved SSID ‘Ziggo’


the one you see ‘blanked’ is your own (if switched on) So you can’t connect to that one and need another one ‘in your street’ according to the site info.
Now I know why people stop and park their car… apparently I’m the only one with that wifispot switched on :rofl:


(Lo Ra Westerhoven) #1103

I tried but UPC/ziggo is blocking port 1700 (if I am correct with this number) so it does not work.
You can use your “own” ziggo public wifi access point by just putting the right SSID and passcode in the RPI. I do use a separate wifi router which might change things.


yes I was afraid of that :disappointed_relieved:… expect ZIGGO ‘IOT ready’ modems in the near future
So for the ‘mobile gateway’ you have to use 3g/4g

expect this one tomorrow/this week ? … hope it works :sweat_smile:


nice… matches with RAK magic stick :wink:

RF N female to Y type 2X TS9 male Right Angle Splitter Combiner cable pigtail RG316 :roll_eyes:

(Jac Kersing) #1105

Or use MP forwarder which uses TCP on port 1883 :wink:


I have to do a port scan as soon as I find a wifispot in the wild :wink:
but I can imagine they have only a few ports open

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VPN… :roll_eyes:


how do you set that in the RAK GW connected to TTN backend through ZIGGO wifispot ? :thinking:

maybe a TTN ZIGGO (nl) user can test port (scan) 1883 tcp / 1700 UDP on a wifispot


if you see this using a wifispot … :wink:

(Amedee) #1109

Well, if the GW is an RPi you could install OpenVPN client and use a VPN server to proxy your traffic to the TTN backend.
VPN traffic could use virtually any open port on the ZIGGO wifispot.
The only caveat is that you need a VPN server somewhere…


yes clear tnx…



no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOO … that decimal point is in the wrong position :scream:

* the rfm95 is not sleeping in this code … how much currentdraw from a sleeping rfm95 … anyone ?

but it’s talking ’ TTN


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Less than 1uA, done properly.




2 supprises in the mail today :

CH2I’s RPi Zero / RAK 831 shield v1.5a (MERCI @Charles ! )

and this little wireless / mouse combi (works out of the box with RPI)


and the sun was shining whole day too !! :relaxed:

even the ‘zombie’ node is still running on the ‘empty’ battery … life is good …