The WORKBENCH part 2



without a type-c adapter phone you can’t activate this device !

and DJI don’t supply a usb to type c adapter or cable… So I have to buy a new
phone first ? and they don’t mention that…aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
400 euro … :scream:

so to actually use it stand alone. you’ll first need one of these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


next time I should read the brandnew product forum before ordering… this one is also full of bugs


The product itself feel solid and wellmade and the footage you’ll find on YouTube is indeed incredible.
But there are many, many problems to solve… to name a few :

  • needs to be 'activated by newer type phone
  • can’t be used without activation
  • gets to hot after 10 minutes use
  • dead pixel issues screen
  • no accessoires available (everything seems ‘preorder’
  • SD card slot not very solid
  • tries to charge your phone hence is empty quickly
  • sound quality
  • odd filenaming ( org_video_6553635_154453452000 ect)
  • not possible to shoot raw without phone attached
  • gimbal sometimes still work after powering off
  • you can’t buy extra insurance ( osmo shield) in Europe
  • 4k time lapse missing (it’s ‘only’ 1080p)
  • autopower off shuts down long time lapse
  • auto focus is slow

So I send it back and wait a few months or buy a GoPro7 black
Well, I have a very fast and big spare SD card





  • nice equipment case - good quality, stronger then I expected :sunglasses:

(Remko) #357

Looks nice. I ordered one myself. Hopes it comes soon.



(Gry Kyo) #359

Did you hit that case with a soldering iron and a knife in the style of an AvE BOLTR to check for fibre reinforcement? Looks decent…


sure :sunglasses:

for that money (129,-) its a very decent phone :sunglasses:

(Amedee) #361

Last day of my AliExpress Advent Calender, the postman brought a lot of small packages :package: today :sunglasses:



I know that screen ! :roll_eyes:

started yesterday to mount for easy dev



(Amedee) #363

I am not sure that “The bargain basement” is the right name, the more I go there the more money I spend…

I got Raspberry Pi’s from day one, and I actually never ever connected a screen on these (with the exception of my TV for my OSMC media player)…

I am still not sure what I’ll do with this one, but I am thinking about a controller screen for my OctoPrint server.



My reason is this … last year I bought the original (expensive) RPI '7 touch screen.
But, I couldn’t (without hacking) dim the back light or switch it completely on/off when not needed and when a sensor detected someone was really watching/using that screen.
Basically an always ON display… very bad for your battery :tired_face:

So with this little HDMI and touch screen, it should be possible to create that behaviour, when my hand is close to the screen it switches on and you see a nice menu / graph / data, want to try and build that with the python framework KIVY

example screens


(Gry Kyo) #365

Looking like micro SD card had enough in my home gateway. Do you think I could do some “Santa Clause forensic investigation” tomorrow as a (lame) excuse to climb up on the roof to recover it? Kidding… I will leave it to the 26th!!!
That said it looks like my original RAKberry Pi gateway is heading for the workbench, I shall power up my @Charles Pi Zero W design gateway as a stop-gap.
Merci Charles :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #366

How long was it running for all told? Which s/w build was installed/ any SD Card mitigation included etc…would be useful to know background and your experience.

Also did unit see any unplanned power outages during its operating time - I’ve only seen failures immediately after power outs or within a few days of…


no Christmas drinks for you :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #368

Well maybe he needs a stiff Jamesons now! @GryKyo just remember dont drink & drive climb! :wink:

(Gry Kyo) #369

Eh, that ship may have sailed already…

With regard to the SD card, it has been on the roof for two winters and 1.5 summers and I am sure it wasn’t new either. Ireland so normally temperate, some wide swings in temperatures by chance in this card’s life. The packet forwarder died before, I can’t recall exactly why but I do sort of remember re-building the application using Git and The gateway also stopped right after a power cut/reset in one of those autumn storms. It restarted with a power cycle then but not today :unamused:

(Jeff Uk) #370

Sláinte! :slight_smile:

(Ivo Noorhoff) #371

The nRF52’s are supported by mbed. The BLE support for mbed is here.

(Ivo Noorhoff) #372

Do you have any problems with the range of the KISS LoRa ?

(Ivo Noorhoff) #373

These look good and seem just what i need. Can aynone confirm : for M3 nuts I need the 5.5 mm driver ?