The WORKBENCH part 2


sure :sunglasses:

for that money (129,-) its a very decent phone :sunglasses:

(Amedee) #361

Last day of my AliExpress Advent Calender, the postman brought a lot of small packages :package: today :sunglasses:



I know that screen ! :roll_eyes:

started yesterday to mount for easy dev



(Amedee) #363

I am not sure that “The bargain basement” is the right name, the more I go there the more money I spend…

I got Raspberry Pi’s from day one, and I actually never ever connected a screen on these (with the exception of my TV for my OSMC media player)…

I am still not sure what I’ll do with this one, but I am thinking about a controller screen for my OctoPrint server.



My reason is this … last year I bought the original (expensive) RPI '7 touch screen.
But, I couldn’t (without hacking) dim the back light or switch it completely on/off when not needed and when a sensor detected someone was really watching/using that screen.
Basically an always ON display… very bad for your battery :tired_face:

So with this little HDMI and touch screen, it should be possible to create that behaviour, when my hand is close to the screen it switches on and you see a nice menu / graph / data, want to try and build that with the python framework KIVY

example screens


(Gry Kyo) #365

Looking like micro SD card had enough in my home gateway. Do you think I could do some “Santa Clause forensic investigation” tomorrow as a (lame) excuse to climb up on the roof to recover it? Kidding… I will leave it to the 26th!!!
That said it looks like my original RAKberry Pi gateway is heading for the workbench, I shall power up my @Charles Pi Zero W design gateway as a stop-gap.
Merci Charles :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #366

How long was it running for all told? Which s/w build was installed/ any SD Card mitigation included etc…would be useful to know background and your experience.

Also did unit see any unplanned power outages during its operating time - I’ve only seen failures immediately after power outs or within a few days of…


no Christmas drinks for you :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #368

Well maybe he needs a stiff Jamesons now! @GryKyo just remember dont drink & drive climb! :wink:

(Gry Kyo) #369

Eh, that ship may have sailed already…

With regard to the SD card, it has been on the roof for two winters and 1.5 summers and I am sure it wasn’t new either. Ireland so normally temperate, some wide swings in temperatures by chance in this card’s life. The packet forwarder died before, I can’t recall exactly why but I do sort of remember re-building the application using Git and The gateway also stopped right after a power cut/reset in one of those autumn storms. It restarted with a power cycle then but not today :unamused:

(Jeff Uk) #370

Sláinte! :slight_smile:

(Ivo Noorhoff) #371

The nRF52’s are supported by mbed. The BLE support for mbed is here.

(Ivo Noorhoff) #372

Do you have any problems with the range of the KISS LoRa ?

(Ivo Noorhoff) #373

These look good and seem just what i need. Can aynone confirm : for M3 nuts I need the 5.5 mm driver ?



(Remko) #375

No because I modify the antenna matching :grin:


For DIY I prefer JST-XH 4-pin instead of Grove (also the 2, 3 and 5-pin versions can come handy).
Like Grove JST-XH uses 2.54mm spacing, but they are not compatible with each other unfortunately.




Yet another bullet for my (want) to do list. :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:



(Sandgroper) #379

I hate being hostage to proprietary connectors. The way I solve the problem is that, whenever I buy something with grove connectors, I leverage off the connector housing leaving the pins soldered in place, then I pull the pins out of a JST housing and push the JST housing onto the original grove connector pins. No more compatibility hassles.