The WORKBENCH part 2

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@pe1mew Did not know you can buy Grove connectors to fit to a PCB. Can you share the source? Nice work by the way


after some mistakes in China (grove == jst :sunglasses:) I buy them locally

NL -

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Those are the ones I ordered. :sunglasses:

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Any idea of the JST part number or the connector family its from?


wanted to say that GROVE IS NOT EQUAL to JST (!=) and I’ve made some mistakes ordering from China in the past, they look equal… even the size, but won’t fit

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@BoRRoZ, I came to a similar conclusion. Ended up making I2C connection on my nodes with something similar but not exactly the same as Grove. Prefer to use a connector which is at least dual sourced to ensure long term availability.


Grove system is a modular, standardized connector prototyping system, if you use grove you can easily connect many different devices through that same connector.
That’s different for a production PCB were JST is cheaper in quantities and don’t have to switch sensors.



winning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face:


Yes, ‘standardized’ but proprietary (and expensive).


’ relative ’ expensive… ideal for starters :sunglasses:

You see the same thing happening with other big names :

adafruit circuit pyhon products -
sparkfun Qwiic Connect System -

also possible is that you use the connectors/cables and make your own ‘grove’ boards



’ HO HO HO ’ my SNR is low :rofl:




they are travelling more then 10000 km… little sturdy GPS antennas ! :hugs:

thank you Phang !


Nice. Is that SMA connector ? Do you have a link for them ?


no they are with N-connectors and I don’t have a link but a lot of help to get them from Asia
I will test and report :wink:



without a type-c adapter phone you can’t activate this device !

and DJI don’t supply a usb to type c adapter or cable… So I have to buy a new
phone first ? and they don’t mention that…aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
400 euro … :scream:

so to actually use it stand alone. you’ll first need one of these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


next time I should read the brandnew product forum before ordering… this one is also full of bugs


The product itself feel solid and wellmade and the footage you’ll find on YouTube is indeed incredible.
But there are many, many problems to solve… to name a few :

  • needs to be 'activated by newer type phone
  • can’t be used without activation
  • gets to hot after 10 minutes use
  • dead pixel issues screen
  • no accessoires available (everything seems ‘preorder’
  • SD card slot not very solid
  • tries to charge your phone hence is empty quickly
  • sound quality
  • odd filenaming ( org_video_6553635_154453452000 ect)
  • not possible to shoot raw without phone attached
  • gimbal sometimes still work after powering off
  • you can’t buy extra insurance ( osmo shield) in Europe
  • 4k time lapse missing (it’s ‘only’ 1080p)
  • autopower off shuts down long time lapse
  • auto focus is slow

So I send it back and wait a few months or buy a GoPro7 black
Well, I have a very fast and big spare SD card





  • nice equipment case - good quality, stronger then I expected :sunglasses:

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Looks nice. I ordered one myself. Hopes it comes soon.



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Did you hit that case with a soldering iron and a knife in the style of an AvE BOLTR to check for fibre reinforcement? Looks decent…