The WORKBENCH part 2


no not the same ( Static power consumption 6x higher, they use different ldo)


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I like power walls when they are mobile…
New photo by Marko Pavlin


6x higher static power consumption due to ldo quiescent current?

LDO on mine is marked HT30. I measured 13.7 uA in rest, 15uA when active.
AS312 max VDD is 3.6V. If good 3.3V power supply is available the ldo could even be removed.


From AS312 datasheet

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Thanks - I will take a look at them - though 3-5m range is a bit short as Rob suggests…mind if ceiling mounted looking down of inclined with 100deg cone then ok for poss occupancy sensor esp if placed with view of entry/exit points (doors). :slight_smile:


Im not in the ‘mood’ now, but I did a lot of PIR testing 2 years back… have more then 10 different types here
will test again that one you say is 13.7 uA @3v3:sunglasses: (no way!)



keep us informed ! :rofl:


dutch police don’t like E-bike inventors and sized this bike


Your tests from 2 years ago make impossible that a test with my PIR modules now show readings of 13.7uA in rest and 14.8uA active?

Like you said, their range is quite limited. I did some simple tests and did not get more than 3m to 5m range.


lol… that’s why you can’t say ’ You can try this one (similar module and 3+ times cheaper)

I didn’t realise yesterday it was after midnight So I didn’t setup a test with the pir, but your right, they could have changed the components/design So the outcome of a test with 'my PIR’s would be always open to discussion.

I found only 2 PIR’s working reliable with a power consumption under the 15 uA @3v3 and those where not the cheapest.

conclusion : not all PIR’s are equal :metal: (especially outdoor use)


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You should try one of these:


yes I know them… about 20 E if I remember 1 uA

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I bought on eBay for $4/piece, an old version: EKMA1101111. I have no idea if the item is still available…


Fyi, Welectron (Germany) shows they have uCurrent Gold on stock:


no import tax to NL and DHL shipping 3.95 € … not bad :sunglasses:

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SMD always frightened me a bit, and I tried to avoid it so far, but I eventually decided to bite the bullet with this Mini-Lora from @Charles

It ended up quite OK, I am quite happy with the result.

(Still waiting the Arduino Pro for testing)


with that soldering iron from the picture ? … cool :sunglasses:

a nice project with these sensors LoRA BME280 Environmental Node (with webbased backend)

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150W was maybe a bit too much for SMD :roll_eyes: my WD-1 was more appropriate for the job :grin:

I don’t have plans yet for these nodes, I was mainly looking at low power sleep and these are really affordable…


If it’s your first SMD soldering, congratulations, very well done :wink:

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I have no idea of what to do with that, but it is quite cool…


what about a lorawan channel activity + rssi indication MQTT node red wifi mobile christmas client ?

wifi demo - still not available in Dutch language :cry:

audio test set up as shown :
*changed from RPI zero to RPI3