The WORKBENCH part 2



8.4V + 5V 6x 18650 Waterproof Battery Pack Case


Get yourself a S.O. (significant other), she/he will take care of it :smile:


uhhhhhhhhh … :roll_eyes:




selected components for power unit mobile outdoor 4g gateway
can provide 5v and 12v for min. 48 hours continue


more component storagefinally I can find something when I need it :sunglasses:



energy storage … diy ‘powerwalls’ … the new frontier
here one build in an old vending machine


most builds use recycled laptop and other equipment lion battery’s… up to 900 and more
of course it would be interesting to get a lot of data from such a wall… state of charge from every cell, temps, humidity ect ect… :wink:


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This Batrium thing looks nice…

I am really questioning all these builds where there is no single cell monitoring.
In radio-controlled model car racing, cell balancing has always been critical. If you don’t balance your cells, weak ones are becoming weaker and weaker across charges and you will overcharge healthy ones.
I am probably missing something, but I don’t see how these big “arrays” of batteries in parallel stay balanced over time.

(Also I have seen enough bad things happening with LiPo that I am very reluctant to have DIY LiPo operated devices at home… :roll_eyes: )


yes there is a certain risk .
I’m following a few groups and most of them know what they are building.


Tesla is selling wallmounted ‘blocks’ of 120 kg… for your home.

if you search social media you’ll find that the subject of energy storage is very alive at the moment, I’m interested to see if LoRa(WAN) can be usefull to monitor such an installation and how.



'I am probably missing something, but I don’t see how these big “arrays” of batteries in parallel stay balanced over time.

yes they are all balanced to the max… starting with selecting equal capacity ones and mounting them in the most profitable order in an array (there’s software for that)
and then of course active or passive BMS


wiring an UTP cable for the new workbench… with the help of YouTube :sunglasses:





why not … less workbench space / less scrolling win/win :sunglasses:



sometimes the china packaging is just a little plastic bag … well on the bright side, 50% of my ordered products are working :sunglasses:

  • update

they start working from 9v … bad quality so not recommended


bargain or SCAM ?

  • shopname and price changed suddenly … something smelly
  • I contacted eBay yesterday … and now they are gone… well, under this name


Rohan Wilschefski - ‎DIY Powerwalls

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Approaching the 64K…


… and crash ? or start at zero :anguished:


I totally freaked out this morning :confounded::slightly_frowning_face::frowning_face::cold_sweat::scream::flushed::crazy_face:

Using Firefox I updated to v 62 and suddenly the description field is missing / gone … that’s a disaster because I used that field as a notepad for info like passwords/secretquestion answers ect.

Only way to make something visible was to export the bookmarks to html and then you can read it… for now.
It seems to be one of the steps to v64 where ALL bookmarks are stored in the cloud (privacy!)

Man that’s really s*cks… without a warning deleting userdata !!! … a BIG sin… I leave Mozilla immediately now :rage: … you be warned !

before the update

and after (excuses for the image quality)

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Thanks for the warning, I will wait until enough users have complained so they revert that change before updating.

What alternative browser would you move to, chrome ?

Edit : Found information on that decision here :


I don’t know yet… a browser with a description field :wink: for the bookmarks

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Maybe it’s time to look for a password manager :wink: