The WORKBENCH part 2


are you still on holidays ? started missing you :wink:


Not anymore but I’m still in ‘holidays mode’ (and the temperatures are similar). :grin:


dangerous temperatures to work on electronics… a mistake is easily made, So take it easy :rofl:





a little bit a ‘special’ day today …


The TPL5111 breakout is best when you have an enable pin you can control, the TPL5110 is best when you are able to ‘break’ the power input line to place the TPL5110 between the power supply and Vin.




dutch heatwave lorawan gateway emergency cooling kit arrived :roll_eyes:


I have this idea of a ’ LoRaWAN enhanced’ Piggy Bank so children can see their savings on their iPad/mobile…

so I need a coin mechanism to detect what coin is inserted.
something like …

wow… they are big … :roll_eyes:


some analog versions :rofl:

  • what if I just weight the moment a coin is inserted ?
    every coin has a different weight… and store (and transmit) the total

testing the principle :sunglasses:

are these accurate enough ?


what comes after the 18650 (3400 mAh) ? the 26650 (5200 mAh) - test

dc/dc 5.1v power supply with 2x balanced/protected 26650


transparant waterproof ‘sports’ node/sensor/paxcounter enclosure


BPW34 - high sensitive pin photodiode



small I2C HTU21D+BMP180+BH1750FVI Temperature Humidity Pressure Light Sensor


I’m moving my electronic (hobby) workshop to another room and I was looking online for material to make my own (bigger) workbench.

then I found this ‘used’ office outlet, just 10 minutes from my home and buying a used desk is almost cheaper then building it.
Anybody who needs (NL) an affordable hobby worktable… look


  • so I bought 2 … now I get an 3.20 x 0.80 workbench … :sunglasses:





(Milbrot) #56

Have you completed the SHT31D Rocket Scream low power extra long life V 2.0 LoRaWAN node?
Can you share your experience with the SHT31D Sensor?


this morning the test node died… for real :wink:

so yes I finished the rocketscream lowpower node test
result : 290 days on a single AA battery transmitting temp / framecounter / humidity every 5 min.

but that test was done with a BME280 sensor
the node died when the voltage dropped to 1.17 V last night

the V2 version (the one that’s available now, will even last a bit longer)

(Milbrot) #58

I meant The WORKBENCH part 1
the new node with better SHT31D Sensor.
i read the BME280 is not so good
so I thought you already have experience with the SHT31D Sensor


ah ok that one … sorry no… not finished yet

the BME280 worked fine indoors, but I think it’s getting very fast to 100% humidity outdoors



now waiting for the BIG glue sticks (black)


very good service I experienced on eBay.
I was not completely happy with the product I bought and the shopowner understand my problem and replaced them very fast, thank you mr. Hunk Lee !


So If you need (big) LIPO’s I can recommend A-OK battery !



the problem when you just can’t throw away working equipment … :wink: