The WORKBENCH part 3



  • update - didn’t meassure the exact capacity of the battery (yet) but this solar unit seems usable as
    an solar outdoor lorawan alarm node enclosure :sunglasses:


BIG product placement allowed topic
(Slaven) #327

I want to present you my project :grinning:

eAgrar is system for monitoring conditions of plants and for monitoring weather on agricultural fields.
This sensor device is plug-and-play device, it is battery powered and uses LoRa technology for communication. It is used as part of TTN network. Also, there is dashboard where you can monitor all measured data.
Device uses RFM95W LoRa module for communication

I want to ask you to get in link and “Like project” so I can get in TOP20 of Hackaday Prize. It will enable me to keep delevoping this system.…/165235-eagrar-digital-agriculture

So get in link, register and LIKE PROJECT. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :beers:


’ Sensor devices send data to multichannel gateway which forward them to database. ’

I have developed system for controlling devices in LoRa wireless sensor network . So even that device is not connected to Internet all time, I’m able to change sleep time, communication parameters and other parameters remotely, without reprogramming device.

can you explain a bit more… is it a ‘protocol’ on top of lorawan … how does this work that you can set intervaltime from a sensor remotely :roll_eyes:


(Slaven) #329

can you explain a bit more… is it a ‘protocol’ on top of lorawan … how does this work that you can set intervaltime from a sensor remotely :roll_eyes:

Yes, it is kind of protocol on top of LoRaWAN and inside of device.
Device is connected to TTN network. Using downlink messages, I’m able to managed how device works. Device can recevice message, take parameters and commands from message, and keep working based on new settings.
For example, if your device is in ABP mode, and you want to change Spreading factor, you don’t have to connect device to computer again and reprogram it. It is enough to send downlink message with needed code and device will update settings.

Thanks for like! :beers:



installed desktop widget CONKY on RPI


old cheap tele solution video experiment … now even cheaper :wink:



found this… but what is it ?? :thinking:

(Adam Jp) #333

I’m pretty sure its a temp gauge for kilns, ceramic kilns. the “CONE” label is to mark the start of the transition of glazes that are applied to ceramics and the state of the clay, I think the smaller numbers in that area would be for different temp pyrometric cones … same type my parents used for their kilns, until dad got sick of reading it and swapped it to a digital rs232 temp monitor to talk to our atari st.


Tempature (pyrometer) meter for a ceramic kiln


ok tnx…
it came from someone who used to collect and polish minerals/stones/cristals… thing like that


what ? $145.00 ? I struck gold ! :wink:


for some rf experiments I want to remotely switch the node/device antenna’s
bought the chips last year… but now I found complete modules that I will use :sunglasses:


The BIG and SMALL ANTENNA topic part 2

cheap IP 67 waterproof outdoor node enclosure with mounting bracket :roll_eyes:

(Tim Everitt) #339

Hi @BoRRoZ, you really made me laugh with this one. I studiously read all your workbench and bargain postings and often follow the links and sometimes buy samples of the things to try out.

I want to buy one of these… but - for the first time that I can remember - there does not seem to be a link with the image! :open_mouth:

Please can you post with a link. Big thanks from me for all your posts.


Hi Tim , I bought long time ago 3 pcs (2 by mistake) 698-2700 Mhz antennas , absolutely not usable for LoRa … but I can’t throw things away '…can be used in the future :wink:)

  • seller is not to be found anylonger
    I bought them for around 10E… they are still available but for a different price :scream:

but maybe someday…

  • update
    getting closer to 10€ :sweat_smile:






I’ll make it a bit smaller (and control over I2C)

better use some rf shielding enclosure

I build it as an I2C module So I can use it in some other projects too… plug and play :thinking:

POC test :thinking:






huh ? :scream: