The WORKBENCH part 3

You can if the designer of the board put the required external pull up resistor on the RFM95 NSS pin. Without the pullup the NSS pin will be floating during programming so the RFM95 can activate the MISO pin and interfere with ISP programming.

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I don’t see that resistor :scream:

ISP programming might work sometimes and sometimes not.

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I would add that I have had to add the resistor (temporary) to the top of the RFM98, on one board design (not mine) in order to re-program the Arduino bootloader with an ISP.

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2 extra pogo pins :wink:


building a node bootloader burn jig from scrap material

put one with a pogo pin to the required connection

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yes that’s the 'plan :sunglasses:

but first I have to do some non electronic testing :wink:



ah the scipt kiddy DDOSser is still busy… promise your boss will hear this :sunglasses:

Have the Herring travelled far, its important to keep food miles down, or are they Long Range Herring ??

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LOL… :sunglasses:

every year a supprise how they will taste… this year I’m not really excited :wink:

btw you’ve seen this ?

conclusion : use a better TXCO

I like them!

in general… or this year ?
last year’s Herring was a bit fatter / smoother but ok… I’ll go to the shopping center later today and have a few more… just to be sure :wink:

Honestly: the few times I had occasion to eat fresh herrings in Netherlands I always liked them and I would not be able to tell the difference. :yum:

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any news on the supercap front… NO not really :sunglasses:

mayby this… what about 4x paralell ?

but ended up buying a few of these :sunglasses: for solar experiments/nodes
I think a little solar panel + reverse protection diode will do the trick for a small LP node


Is there any recommended 'tool out there , that can recognize what bootloader is currently on the target 328p 'system ?

I only found this article from Nick Gammon

@BoRRoZ, the bootloaders I’ve put there are just (as mini core) from official optiboot

I just compiled them and placed them to avoid you nasty compilation stuff and because 2 years ago, I opened an issue to Minicore to ask to put the compiled version with serial of 250K to minicore for 8MHz and It was rejected.

I’m glad now minicore have these compiled version and even with 1M speed, so you can use them with no problem, they should be the same.

Take care of your crystal, if you are using 8Mhz you will have issue with speed 115200, see my old article here
I strongly suggest using 250K version, will works every time at 4, 8 or 16MHz

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@BoRRoZ this missing pullup resistor drove me mad some years ago :roll_eyes:

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Bonjour @Charles ! :sunglasses:

tnx for the info.

I want to burn it on the mentioned module which has an 8 mhz x tal… don’t know anything about the qualtity so I follow your advise.

Which programmer do you have ?