The WORKBENCH part 3


nice - new adafruit big diffused blue LED


Make your own Field strength meter (toy) and prove that signal strength varies inversely to distance :wink:


been there :wink:


Bit too quick there Borroz :wink: - the link shows how to make a complete device whereas your link just shows the module


I’m sorry , wanted to say… I build something like that a few years ago.
But with a tuned filter :wink:

anyway these kits are also nice


unfortunately… I blew this one up :woozy_face:

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Maybe WORKBENCH, maybe not?

Anybody use the Raspberry Pi SD Card Copier? I just did and it just works and elegantly simple too. After all the faffing about in the past with partitions and block sizes, start and end points copying images to larger cards.

I have a Pi Model 3B+ velcro’d on the back of my “not smart” TV which has been very bloaty lately on an 8GB SD card. Plugged a card read/writer into the Pi, click-click and it is done. Just a few minutes to write the image but card is formatted and expanded into the free space. The SBC runs like it did from a fresh install. I am thinking it had very little swap space in memory or something, not my chosen subject!

As most of us seem to own and use these SBC’s I recommend it. Works well.

@BoRRoZ: The postman brought me a batch of 8x8 WS2812B tiles today. So many projects now…

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Roller coaster temperatures in the garden shed…
(Green line)

(Tony Smith) #254

Think your temp sensor is faulty, looks like it’s stuck, it doesn’t work above 20C. This is what a temp graph should peak at

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Yesterday one of my students got enthousiast. He really wanted to get connected to TTN so he built an antenne while I modified the node for him. Joint effort by student and teacher! We measured and tuned the antenna to 868 MHz in IoT class. #Fun!

20190319_195202 VNA_190319_185616


1.02 SWR :open_mouth: … you’re a master tuner


these arrived here yesterday



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@TonySmith please show us your enclosure :smiley:

(Tony Smith) #259

@slaven96 Here you go, the enclosure is cylindrical with the cable entering at the top so it hangs from the cable. There are two cylindrical walls with the slots on the inner and outer walls which are offset. A spray of water cannot get directly on the sensor. The bottom has holes to drain any water that enters through the slots in the outer wall. Actually just realised I don’t have many good photos of the enclosure. Will need to take some next time I’m on site which by the way is ~400Km away.


a friend’s PC that started smoking… it seems the (expensive) videocard :sob:


yes/no/yes/no/yes/no/yes/no/ YES :sunglasses:


Works like a charm. And when using the software on your computer, you can extend the measurement range up to 1.4Ghz.


win 10 ? I guess yes, manufacturer website says ‘window drivers’